Acts 6–9

July 10, 2023 to July 16, 2023

In Acts 6–9, Stephen condemns Jewish leaders for their rejection of Christ, and they in turn cause his death. Saul is converted, blinded, and then healed.

“Paul the Apostle: Champion of the Doctrine of the Resurrection,” J. peter Hansen, in Go Ye into All the World: Messages of the New Testament Apostles

Chart 12–11:”Miracles in Acts,” Charting the New Testament
“Following in the footsteps of the Master, the apostles of Jesus performed many miracles as they took the gospel out into the world.” In Samaria, Philip case out spirits and healed those with palsies. Many people were baptized after witnessing the miracle. In Damascus, Ananias restored Saul’s sight. Saul was baptized to the amazement of the people. Though some doubted the works of the apostles, others attributed their power to God and were converted.

“Chart 5–1: Paul, a Citizen of Three Worlds,” from Charting the New Testament by John W. Welch and John F. Hall
This chart summarizes Paul’s multicultural background as a Jew and a Roman, and his training in Greek.

“Chart 5–2: Paul’s Life and Ministry,” from Charting the New Testament by John W. Welch and John F. Hall
This chart is an overview of Paul’s life. It places Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus at about AD 35 and his going to Jerusalem and meeting the Apostles at about AD 36.

“Acts 3–7,” New Testament Student Manual, at
In Acts 6, the Apostles organize the church and call assistants, one of whom is Stephen. Stephen’s speech to the Jewish council (Acts 7) focused on great pillars of Jewish identity: the land of Israel, the law of Moses, and the tabernacle and temple.

“Acts 8–12,” New Testament Student Manual, at
The church begins to expand beyond Jerusalem, Peter and John rebuke one Simon, who offers money in exchange for authority. Phillip teaches a man from Ethiopia. Saul sees Jesus, who identifies himself and tells him to go to the city for further instruction. There Ananias finds Saul.

“‘Jesus Christ, and Him Crucified’: Paul’s Testimony of Christ,” Gaye Strathearn, in Jesus Christ: Son of God, Savior
Was Paul’s vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus the sole transformative moment for Paul? How did Paul make Christ the center of his life? Paul uses the phrase “in Christ” throughout his writings; he recognized that as people struggle to become “in Christ”, they are transformed as he was transformed.