Alma 43 to 52 – “Stand Fast in the Faith of Christ”

August 3, 2020 to August 9, 2020

Captain Moroni’s inspired foresight to supply his army with protective armor was crucial in their survival. These narratives of war teach us to prepare in our own day.

Chart 137: “Data on Wars Involving the Nephites,” Charting the Book of Mormon
This chart tracks the 15 Nephite wars’ approximate dates and locations, as well as causes and results.

“‘Peaceable Followers of Christ,’ in Days of War and Contention,” Ryan Jenkins, in Religious Educator 10, no. 3
When war and contention is all around, how do we keep our focus on Christ? The lessons from Alma are to endure in righteousness, pray mightily, lay hold upon the word of God, have self-control, make covenants, and remember that enemies are also children of God.

“Captain Moroni’s Wartime Strategies: An Application for the Spiritual Battles of Our Day,” Richard J. McClendon, in Religious Educator 3, no. 3
Like Captain Moroni, we can put on the armor of God, protect our holy places, improve our defenses, build watchtowers, and not attack our enemies in their strongholds.

“Finding the Prince of Peace in the War Chapters: An Analysis of Alma 44,” Dallin Lewis, in Selections from the Religious Education Student Symposium 2007
The Nephites saw wars through a spiritual lens. Military fights were not only a measure of prowess, but their successes and failures on the battlefield were interpreted as a measure of their own righteousness.

“Captain Moroni’s Stratagem: Straight from the Scriptures,” Chris Alvarez, in Selections from the Religious Education Student Symposium 2008
Captain Moroni’s strategies followed some of those described in the Old Testament. He used fortifications, ruse, stratagem, and siege. He also knew of the necessity of righteousness as a spiritual defense.