Christmas – “The Matchless Gift of God’s Divine Son”

December 20, 2021 - December 26, 2021

Jesus Christ is our Savior and our only hope of salvation. Reading “The Living Christ” helps us celebrate his birth and look forward with faith to the day when he will come again. 


“Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives,” President Russell M. Nelson, April 2017 General Conference 

President Nelson teaches that acknowledging the Atonement as an event is an incomplete way to understand the great plan of salvation. We must connect the event to the person of Jesus Christ and reach for him as a living being who cares about us. 

“A Precious and Powerful Witness of Jesus Christ,” John M. Madsen, Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament 

“The Living Christ” is a powerful summary of the identity and role of Jesus Christ. All scripture and all prophets testify of Christ; salvation comes only through Christ; Jehovah of the Old Testament is Jesus Christ. 

“Jesus Christ and Salvation,” Robert L. Millet, No Weapon Shall Prosper: New Light on Sensitive Issues

Latter-day Saints believe in the historical Jesus. Jesus has completed his side of the covenants, and we must exercise faith and live faithfully to complete our side. 

“Testimony of Jesus Christ,” Cecil O. Samuelson, BYU Easter Conference 2006, Celebrating Easter

BYU President Cecil Samuelson tells some experiences in which he was able to teach about Christ’s mission to people outside his faith. He explains that “The Living Christ” is a strong document expressing our Church leaders’ absolute conviction that Jesus is the Savior, the Son of God. 

“Dating the Birth of Christ,” Jeffrey R. Chadwick, BYU Studies 49, no. 4 

Latter-day Saints have relied on Talmage’s Jesus the Christ for understanding that Jesus was born on April 6 in the year 1 BC. Newer scholarship suggests that the date should be reconsidered. The article looks at astronomical data, the timeline of Herod’s reign, the Book of Mormon, and other sources and proposes that Jesus was born in approximately December of 5 BC. 

“When Was Jesus Born? A Response to a Recent Proposal,” Lincoln H. Blumell and Thomas A. Wayment, BYU Studies 51, no. 3 

Two BYU scholars look at Chadwick’s article listed here and explain that documentation from the ancient world is fraught with difficulty and that we cannot know from existing sources the date of Christ’s birth. They use sources to suggest another date.