Matthew 6–7

February 20, 2023 to February 26, 2023

Looking closely at elements of the Sermon on the Mount reveals that these words are much more than instructions for Christian living. They are steps for making eternal covenants that bind people to God.


The Sermon on the Mount in Latter-day Scripture, ed. Gaye Strathearn, Thomas A. Wayment, and Daniel L. Belnap, BYU Religious Studies Center

This book, containing 19 articles from the 2010 Sperry Symposium, presents in-depth information about specific passages from the Sermon on the Mount and its cultural context. For example, see Frank Judd’s discussion of “Be ye therefore perfect,” and Andrew Skinner’s article on Psalms in the Beatitudes. 

“Sermon on the Mount Overview, Matthew 5-7,” Charting the New Testament, John W. Welch and John Hall 

This chart summarized the topics in the Sermon on the Mount in a list of 31 elements. 

Illuminating the Sermon at the Temple and the Sermon on the Mount, John W. Welch, Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, BYU 

This book examines the teachings and commandments of the Sermon on the Mount in its Book of Mormon setting—at the Nephite temple, in connection with sacred ordinances of covenant making.

The Sermon at the Temple and the Sermon on the Mount: A Latter-day Saint Approach, John W. Welch, Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Studies, BYU

This book explores the contours of the Sermon on the Mount through its history, language, and temple context. Welch sees the Sermon on the Mount in the context of a sacred temple experience because of its teachings, commandments, and ceremony. 

“The Temple, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Gospel of Matthew,” by John W. Welch, a chapter from the book Mormonism and the Temple: Examining an Ancient Religious Tradition, ed. Gary N. Anderson

This article discusses what temple theology is, the phrases in the Sermon on the Mount that are quoted from Psalms, and ceremonial actions that are part of the Sermon.