Doctrine and Covenants 115 to 120 – “His Sacrifice Shall Be More Sacred unto Me Than His Increase”

October 11, 2021 to October 17, 2021

The settlements of Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman, Missouri, grew as more Saints arrived from Kirtland and were displaced from Independence and other Missouri settlements in 1838. Armed conflict between the Saints and other Missourians also grew, resulting in the evacuation of the Saints and the arrest of several Church leaders by the end of 1838.


“The History of the Name of Savior’s Church: A Collaborative and Revelatory Process,” K. Shane Goodwin, BYU Studies Quarterly 58, no. 3

The official name of the church has come about through a process of collaboration and revelation. The naming process began with the “Church of Christ” in documents of 1829, was changed in 1831 and 1834 and 1835, changed again in 1838 through the revelation of section 115, became standard when the church was incorporated in 1851, and has settled to the usage we know now.

“Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman,” Jacob W. Olmstead, Revelations in Context

Far West became the Saints’ principal settlement in Missouri after they were displaced from Clay County and Ray County beginning in 1836. Adam-ondi-Ahman was built up as another settlement, and the Lord imbued the land in Daviess County with a spiritual history as well as a spiritual future.

“Mormon Land Rights in Caldwell and Daviess Counties and the Mormon Conflict of 1838: New Findings and New Understandings,” Jeffrey N. Walker, BYU Studies 47, no. 1

An in-depth study of land rights in Missouri: Adam-ondi-Ahman was to be a central gathering place for Saints moving from Kirtland. Missourians persecuted the Saints there and other settlements, both through violence and through underhanded property grabs.

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A narrative overview of the name, settlement, and future of Adam-ondi-Ahman.

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A history of Joseph Smith’s revelation about Adam-ondi-Ahman, the exploration of the site, altars at the site, and the brief settlement of the site.

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This study sustains the long-standing contention by the Saints that their preemption lands in Daviess County were illegally taken.

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An in-depth narrative of the legal events of fall 1838, as Joseph Smith and others were arrested and charged with treason, resulting in their incarceration in Liberty Jail.

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An overview of events and documents regarding Far West, from its purchase in 1836 to settlement and laying of a temple cornerstone to evacuation in 1839.

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An overview of events and documents regarding Adam-ondi-Ahman, from the 1835 revelation to settlement and then abandonment in 1838.

“A Call to Arms: The 1838 Mormon Defense of Northern Missouri,” Alexander L. Baugh, dissertation.

This 1996 dissertation demonstrates that the expulsion of the Saints from Missouri was unwarranted and illegal. Baugh analyzes the history of seven military episodes. This dissertation was reprinted by BYU Studies in 2000 and is now available for purchase as an e-book from Deseret Book and Amazon and in print from used book sellers. This book is foundational in the study of the Mormon-Missouri conflict.