Helaman 1 to 6 – “The Rock of Our Redeemer”

August 17, 2020 to August 23, 2020

Helaman’s society was filled with evil, intrigue, and war. As he taught humble followers of Christ to look to their Savior for safety, they found peace.

“Jesus the Christ—Our Master and More,” Russell M. Nelson, The Book of Mormon: Helaman Through 3 Nephi 8, According to Thy Word
The atoning blood of Christ (Helaman 5:9) blesses each of us personally. Jesus is Creator, Jehovah, Advocate, Immanuel, Son of God, Anointed One, Savior and Redeemer, Judge, Exemplar, and the millennial Messiah.

“The Only Sure Foundation: Building on the Rock of our Redeemer,” Robert L. Millet, The Book of Mormon: Helaman Through 3 Nephi 8, According to Thy Word
Helaman’s commission to his sons tells them to remember the rock of the Redeemer. We can trust in and rely on the Lord. Every person builds a house, but only the house built on a solid foundation will stand.

“The Narrow Neck of Land,” Andrew H. Hedges, in Religious Educator: Perspectives on the Restored Gospel 9, no. 3
There are many possible locations for the narrow neck of land. This article looks carefully at descriptions of geography, especially the day’s journey found in Helaman 4:7.

“The Gadianton Robbers as Guerilla Warriors,” Daniel C. Peterson, in Warfare in the book of Mormon
The beginning of Helaman is where we first encounter the Gadianton Robbers. Daniel Peterson discusses the war tactics of the Gadianton Robbers in light of ancient warfare practices.

“Book of Mormon Tribal Affiliation and Military Castes,” John A. Tvedtnes, in Warfare in the Book of Mormon
This article explores the relationship between the Gadianton robbers and the king-men of decades before. They very well may have been the same group and they may have been Mulekites seeking to recover a lost kingship.