Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon – “Another Testament of Jesus Christ”

January 1, 2024, to January 7, 2024

You can read the Book of Mormon title page, from the Printer’s Manuscript, at Joseph Smith Papers. This manuscript shows the text of the title page and Joseph Smith’s copyright.

Read the published text of the Testimony of Three Witnesses here at Joseph Smith Papers. It’s from the March 1830 publication of the Book of Mormon.

Here are several articles on the Title Page:

“The Title Page,” by Daniel H. Ludlow, in First Nephi, The Doctrinal Foundation

The title page is a “literal translation, taken from the very last leaf” of the book of plates, not a modern composition, reported Joseph Smith. The text has been lightly edited since the 1830 Book of Mormon publication. Evidence suggests that Mormon and Moroni both contributed to the text. This important text is often skipped in our study but deserves our attention.

“More Light on Who Wrote the Title Page,” by Clyde J. Williams, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 10, no. 2

Scholars suggest that the title page was written by both Mormon and Moroni, but analysis provides evidence that Moroni was the sole author.

A Comprehensive Commentary of the Title Page of the Book of Mormon, by Paul Nolan Hyde

This volume provides extensive commentary on the Title Page of the Book of Mormon, written by the hand of Mormon. This title page serves as an introduction and preface to all that the reader encounters in the Book of Mormon, and reflects Mormon’s own feelings about the work and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Moroni the Lonely: The Story of the Writing of the Title Page to the Book of Mormon,” by Sidney B. Sperry, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 4, no. 1

Moroni wandered alone for sixteen years before adding to the abridged record of his father. When he did make his additions, he also wrote the title page of the Book of Mormon, but in two stages, each stage necessitating a return to the Hill Cumorah. The second paragraph clearly follows his decision to abridge the book of Ether.

“Title Page of the Book of Mormon,” by Alan C. Miner, from Step by Step through the Book of Mormon, Volume 1: Through the Wilderness to the Promised Land

A study of the literary structure, parallelism, and rhetoric of the title page of the Book of Mormon.

“Copyright Laws and the 1830 Book of Mormon,” by Nathaniel Hinckley Wadsworth, BYU Studies 45, no. 3

Joseph Smith needed to claim ownership of the Book of Mormon text to protect it from theft by people such as Abner Cole. He had the title page printed in the Wayne Sentinel newspaper in June 1829. Read how Joseph strove to fulfill the legal requirements by using the title page and his certificate from the court clerk, R. R. Lansing.

On the Three and Eight Witnesses, here are important resources:

“‘The Testimony of Men’: William E. McLellin and the Book of Mormon Witnesses,” by Mitchel K. Schaefer, BYU Studies 50, no. 1

The testimonies of Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, Martin Harris, and other witnesses were recorded by William E. McLellin from 1833 to 1869. All continually testified that they believed the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.

“Why Is David Whitmer’s Witness of the Book of Mormon So Compelling?” Book of Mormon Central, KnoWhy

David Whitmer maintained his testimony of the Book of Mormon even though he became separated from Joseph Smith and the Church.