Joseph Smith—Matthew 1; Matthew 24 to 25; Mark 12 to 13; Luke 21

May 22, 2023 to May 28, 2023

Jesus has repeatedly taught who he is and how we should follow him. In this week’s readings, he teaches that perilous times will come but if we follow him, we will not fear but will find peace in him. 


“Signs of the Coming Son of Man (Luke 21: 25–28),” S. Kent Brown, The Testimony of Luke 

In these verses, the Savior turns to the signs that will precede his Second Coming and the end-time, illuminating a gap between the fall of Jerusalem and these future events. By borrowing language from the Old Testament that is difficult to grasp in places, Jesus predicts troubling portents in the heavens, on the earth, and among men and women. 

“Jesus Questioned about Resurrection (Mark 12: 18–27),”Julie M. Smith, The Gospel According to Mark 

“The point of the Sadducees’ (highly unlikely) scenario is to suggest that resurrection cannot be possible because if it were, a woman might end up with seven husbands in the next life…. This trap question is a testament of the strength of Jesus’ (and the Sadducees’) belief in marriage after death.” 

“Jesus Christ: Second Coming of Jesus Christ,” Gerald N. Lund, Encyclopedia of Mormonism 

The scriptures teach that the era preceding the second coming of the Savior will be perilous and filled with tribulation. When he does come, there will be an age of peace, harmony, and joy. 

“The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord: The Anatomy of an Expression,”Dana M. Pike, BYU Studies Quarterly 41, no. 2 

The phrase “the great and dreadful day of the Lord” should not be interpreted, as some say, to mean “great” for the righteous and “dreadful” for the wicked. The term “great” means large and powerful—something that no one should miss. The last days will be a difficult time for both the righteous and the wicked. 

“Preparing for the Lord’s Return,” D. Todd Christofferson, General Conference April 2019 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is empowered and commissioned to accomplish the necessary preparations for the Lord’s Second Coming.  

“Prophecies and Promises of Joseph Smith—Matthew,” D. Kelly Ogden, Religious Educator 3, no. 1, BYU Religious Studies Center 

This verse-by-verse commentary on Joseph Smith—Matthew breaks the chapter into sections and suggests dates for each section.  

“Joseph Smith—Matthew: Profiting from Prophecy,” George A. Horton Jr., The Pearl of Great Price: Revelations from God, BYU Religious Studies Center  

Jesus has strongly emphasized the prophecies in Matthew 24 by repeating them. Calamities will come. The Savior will return. We must prepare.  

“Matthew 24–25, the Olivet Discourse and Preparation Parables,” Robert Millet and Craig Blomberg, John A. Widtsoe Foundation Interfaith Conversations

The Olivet Discourse, Second Coming, and Parable of Preparation are the subject of a discussion between Latter-day Saint scholar Robert Millet and Evangelical theologian Craig Blomberg in this podcast.