Luke 22; John 18 –“Not My Will, but Thine, Be Done”

June 12, 2023 to June 18, 2023

This week’s readings focus on the Savior’s suffering at Gethsemane. At this place, the Savior suffered the sins of all people. 


“At the Place of Suffering,” by S. Kent Brown, from The Testimony of Luke

Luke’s narrative describes how Jesus bleeds from every pore, spilling his blood for all people. An angel comes, giving him diving assistance.   


“Jesus’ Suffering Visible in the Verb Tense,”S. Kent Brown, BYU New Testament Commentary   


The verb tense in the Gospels indicates that Jesus goes forward, falls, and prays, over and over again. His actions are evidence of his agony and humility.  


“The Use of Gethsemane by Church Leaders, 1859-2018,” John Hilton III, Joshua P. Barringer, BYU Studies Quarterly 58, no. 4 


This study identifies what Church leaders have taught about Gethsemane by analyzing their talks.  


“The Teachings of Church Leaders Regarding the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, 1852-2018,” John Hilton III, Emily K. Hyde, McKenna Grace Trussel, BYU Studies Quarterly 59, no. 1  


While Church leaders testify of the importance of Christ’s suffering in Gethsemane, they mention the saving importance of the Crucifixion five times more than they do Gethsemane.  


“The Purifying Power of Gethsemane,” Bruce R. McConkie, April 1985 General Conference

“We know that in some way, incomprehensible to us, his suffering satisfied the demands of justice, ransomed penitent souls from the pains and penalties of sin, and made mercy available to those who believe in his holy name.” 


“Luke 22: Gethsemane,” Robert Millet and Peter Huff, Interfaith Conversations, John A. Widtsoe Foundation  


Learn about Luke 22 from two scholars, a Latter-day Saint and a Catholic.