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Journal 49:3

Volume 49:3 (2010)
BYU Studies volume 49, number 3, features a variety of articles, essays, reviews, and poetry. Alex Baugh and Richard Holzapfel present historical information about a document that appears to be an unpublished declaration of the Twelve in 1844 or 1845 about their meeting with Joseph Smith when he gave them his "last charge" to "bear off the Kingdom." This issue also contains an article on "...Read more

I Roll the Burthen and Responsibility of Leading This Church Off from My Shoulders on to Yours: The 1844/1845 Declaration of the Quorum of the Twelve Regarding Apostolic Succession

The document presented and discussed in this paper is one of the most important early Latter-day Saint manuscripts associated with both the final months of Joseph Smith's life and the postmartyrdom (or apostolic) interregnum period. Written in late 1844 or early 1845, the document appears to have been drafted for possible use as an official statement by the Twelve concerning Joseph Smith's "last... Read more

Clocks Have Not Stopped

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Theology and Ecology: Religious Belief and Environmental Stewardship

This article explores the potential role religious belief might play in U.S. environmental policy making. Careful environmental stewardship holds a prominent place in Mormon theology as it does among other faiths. It is helpful to know how religious groups are engaged in environmental policy making, the strengths and limitations of these efforts, and the prospects for religious-based... Read more

Halldor Laxness and the Latter-day Saints: The Story behind the Novel Paradisarheimt

On the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Halldor Laxness's Mormon-themed novel Paradisarheimt ( Paradise Reclaimed ), BYU professor Fred E. Woods tells the story of how the Nobel-prize winning author became interested in the topic of Mormon Icelandic immigration to Utah. Woods shares correspondence between Laxness and Latter-day Saints, thus portraying the friendships that developed as... Read more

Edwin Rushton as the Source of the White Horse Prophecy

The so-called white horse prophecy has been cited in news media as the source of a prophecy that Latter-day Saint elders will preserve the US Constitution as it hangs by a thread. It is commonly claimed that the white horse prophecy was written and made public among Latter-day Saints in the 1850s. However, Don Penrod shows in this article that it was written around 1900 by Edwin Rushton, a Mormon... Read more

Juggling, Mothering

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Creativity in the Cosmic Context: Our Challenges and Opportunities

The authors look at creativity through the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, specifically that all people are sons and daughters of God. Our individual creative impulses are outward manifestations of our divine parentage. Much of the world's artistic media actually blinds us to our creative natures. We too often uncritically accept what is produced and made popular by... Read more

The Paternity Test

Eric d'Evegnee tells of the angst he experienced when his son expected his help in crafting a wooden car for the Cub Scout pinewood derby, his prowess as a father on the line. In the race the car wobbled across the finish line last, causing grief and feelings of betrayal for the young son. He contrasts himself with King Lear, who refused to acknowledge his failings until the very end, and d'... Read more

Brigham Young University Remembers Walter Kempowski

Renowned German writer Walter Kempowski, who passed away in late 2007, had a long and interesting involvement with Brigham Young University. This article is BYU's remembrance of his life and work, echoing the nationwide commemorations in his native land. It is likely that Kempowski is Germany's best-known writer in the broadest circles of the German population. His work was featured in two... Read more

Jesus Was Not a Unitarian

David Paulsen, Jacob Hawken, and Michael Hansen discuss Sir Anthony Buzzard's work Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian (2007). In this theological review essay, the authors show that the problems inherent in the doctrines of unitarianism and trinitarianism are addressed elegantly in the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Editor's Note: At the authors' request, we have posted... Read more

The Schooled Heart: Moral Formation in American Higher Education

The Schooled Heart: Moral Formation in American Higher Education is a deeply provocative work. Editors Michael D. Beaty and Douglas V. Henry, both of Baylor University, put forth the objectives of the book in what I found to be an enlightening and engaging introduction. Tracing the history of the institutional position of moral formation once held in higher education, they argue that the... Read more

What Americans Really Believe

Forty years after Rodney Stark and Charles Y. Glock published the results of the first two major surveys of American religious beliefs and practices, Stark finally picked up where American Piety (Berkeley: University of California, 1968) left off. Now codirector of the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University, Stark has published an analysis of data gathered in two Baylor Surveys of... Read more

Latter-day Saint Courtship Patterns

This book is a collection of twelve sociological studies that examine how active, faithful Latter-day Saint singles go about deciding to marry and selecting a mate. Since most of the research was conducted via surveys of BYU students and asks the question "What makes the Mormon marriage process different from the typical American process?" it accounts for a very narrow part of the worldwide LDS... Read more