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Journal 08:3

Volume 8:3 (Spring 1968)
John T. Bernhard states what he believes to be the most perplexing problems in society today in "Government in America—Master of Servant?" "Symbols and Salvation," written by Chauncey C. Riddle, address the LDS community who may wish to further understand why we follow Christ to the end and how we can receive our exaltation.Read more

Getting Ready to Begin, an editorial

The publication of the Joseph Smith Egyptian Papyri has now begun to bear fruit. Two efforts at translation and commentary have already appeared, the one an example of pitfalls to be avoided, the other a conscientious piece of work for which the Latter-day Saints owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Dee Jay Nelson. Read more

Worlds Without Number: The Astronomy of Enoch, Abraham, and Moses

"Now for this cause I know that man is nothing, which thing I never had supposed." So lamented Moses in utter humility after seeing in vision the complexities of the planet Earth and her countless inhabitants. Shortly thereafter Moses was to see once again the earth and her. Imagine, however, his profound astonishment when, in answer to his plea for an explanation, the Lord revealed himself to... Read more

Liverpool, 1856: Nathaniel Hawthorne Meets Orson Pratt

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Poems by Coleen Whitley

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Reuben Miller, Recorder of Oliver Cowdery's Reaffirmations

One of the spectacular events of Latter-day Saint history unfolded as Oliver Cowdery walked into a conference session in progress at Council Bluffs in 1848 and was personally escorted to the stand by his friend Orson Hyde. No one in the group seems to have been more impressed than Reuben Miller, who at the same meeting had made his own public reconciliation with the Church. While Cowdery's return... Read more

Government in America—Master or Servant?

The controversial theme of government as master or servant raises one of the most perplexing problems in society today; but other times have also witnessed the lively ferment created by this issue. For example, in the American context, note the fear so carefully voiced by George Washington: The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to... Read more

Death, the Cradle of Life

Man's search for wholeness, or a "fullness of harmony," is of universal import. This theme has inspired artists in every field to create masterworks. The German born author, Thomas Mann, is no exception, for in his novel Magic Mountain , he probes the widely-loved "quest" theme to the fullest. Magic Mountain was to have been a brief story based upon a personal experience. Mann's wife, suffering... Read more

The Hudson from Heine Cook's, an etching

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A Note on "The Hudson from Heine Cook's"

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Symbols and Salvation

This article is an attempt to set in orderly perspective certain elements of the process of obtaining an exaltation. No pretense is made to elucidation of any mystery, nor should the order of the ideas herein be confused with the Gospel. The justification for the existence of this work is the sincere hope that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who understand the Gospel... Read more

The Scripture Scholar

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Dickens and the Mormons

In "Bound for the Great Salt Lake," The Uncommercial Traveller essay for July 4, 1863, Charles Dickens admitted that "to the rout and overthrow of all [his] expectations" Mormon emigrants merited praise instead of the censure he had been prepared to give them. To the study of mid-Victorian religious and social attitudes and particularly to the study of Dickens' increasing religious toleration,... Read more

Mormon Bibliography 1966-1967

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Joseph Smith and the Restoration

Joseph Smith and the Restoration , by Ivan J. Barrett, was written as a text for undergraduate students taking LDS Church history classes at Brigham Young University. Any student who carefully reads this text will gain dramatic insights into the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith and into the Church and kingdom of God during his lifetime. Professor Barrett has literally filled his Chapters with... Read more


Although it is refreshing to meet with so devout an assertion of faith as is found in Carol Lynn Pearson's Beginnings, one wishes that the earnestness were matched by an equally viable poetic art. The reviewer, having come to an examination of the work with a predisposition in its favor (in view of its reputed wide sale), found himself, poem after poem, expecting more than was delivered. The... Read more

The Church Executive: Building The Kingdom Through Leadership Development

It may be that the most important aspect of the training project reported in this book is that it actually happened! By this I mean to say that an administrative training program for Church leaders was organized, designed, and carried out. The fact that it was planned and executed by competent and trained professionals and that it carried the implicit, if not explicit, support of the church... Read more

Who's Who in the Book of Mormon, (revised ed.)

In an easy descriptive style Robert Matthews, research editor of the Department of Seminaries and Institutes, has written a biographical concordance of the Book of Mormon that is a delight to use. Within the compass of 74 (8 1/2 x 11 mimeographed) pages he has listed the name of every person in the sacred volume and indicated each separate incident of his life with supporting reference citations... Read more

Eternal Man

In a world threatened with drowning under a flood of printed matter, Professor Madsen's book shines forth in clear contrast to the usual run-of-the-press. It is terse, laconic—sometimes painfully so; more often it is exciting in bare allusion to profound principle (e.g., p. 26). But its brevity and terseness do not prevent it from containing more ideas in total than most tomes many times it... Read more

A Bibliography of New Testament Bibliographies

Hurd's guide illustrates the sheer volume of publication on the Bible in recent years, identifying as it does hundreds of books and articles that do nothing but list and evaluate thousands more; and all of this concerns basically the twenty-seven books of the New Testament, with most items listed appearing in the past two decades. Realizing that even scholars today cannot tell the players without... Read more

Out of the Best Books

These Brigham Young University colleagues contribute another volume of a series that impressively integrates religious ideals with the themes of world literature, an educative venture which President David O. McKay has most effectively pioneered in his long career of writing and speaking. This volume concentrates on the meaning of happiness, honesty, forbearance, faith, and love, for the lesson... Read more

New Horizons in Biblical Research

Three short lectures offer the rare experience of efficiently reading the main conclusions of America's greatest Bible scholar (judged by the scope of his skills) and certainly one of the few genuine intellectuals (Albright would prefer Christian humanists) produced by our pragmatic culture. In his forthright and unpretentious manner Albright discusses the impact of archaeology and philology in... Read more

Index and Concordance to the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith

In their gratitude for a modern prophet, Latter-day Saints must face the possibility that they might know him rather superficially. Available books collecting key quotations from Joseph Smith are no guarantee that readers are really exposed to the range and depth of principles that he proclaimed and died for. Since Mormon literature is notorious for inadequate indexing, one result could be... Read more