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Journal 13:4

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Alexander William Doniphan: Man of Justice

Late in the evening of 1 November 1838, Major General Samuel D. Lucas of the Missouri State Militia issued the following order to Brigadier General Alexander W. Doniphan: Sir: You will take Joseph Smith and the other prisoners into the public square of Far West, and shoot them at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Upon receipt of this order, General Doniphan promptly replied: It is cold-blooded murder... Read more

The Mormons and the Bible in the 1830s

One does not long study Mormon beginnings without realizing that the Bible held a special place in the hearts of the early Saints. Latter-day Saints use of its accounts and teachings greatly influenced the formulation of Mormon theology, and, in addition, helped the Saints find their personal and group identity in God's Kingdom. The deep commitment of early Mormon intellectuals to the ancient... Read more

The Saints and St. Louis, 1831-1857: An Oasis of Tolerance and Security

During most of the nineteenth century, St. Louis was the hub of trade and culture for the great western waterway system of the upper and lower Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois rivers. Founded by the French in 1864, St. Louis was, by the time the Mormons first visited it, a sixty-seven year old settlement, a nine year old city—a young giant destined to become the "Fourth City" of our... Read more

Missouri Persecutions: Petitions for Redress

When the Latter-day Saints first appealed to the U.S. Government in 1839–1840 for redress of wrongs committed against them in Missouri, Church President Joseph Smith said, "About 491 individuals gave in their claims against Missouri, which I submitted to Congress. . . ." More than 200 of these same claims or affidavits plus other important original documents relating to Mormon history in Missouri... Read more

Eliza R. Snow Letter from Missouri

This article reproduces a letter from Eliza R. Snow to the Streators, dated February 22, 1839. Included in her correspondence are two transcriptions. The first is a record of General Clark's anti-Mormon speech. The second is an excerpt from a letter by Lorenzo Snow. Despite the persecution and suffering she describes in Missouri, Eliza reaffirms her testimony of Joseph Smith and her great faith... Read more

Adam-ondi-Ahman: A Brief Historical Survey

The recent renewal of interest in Adam-ondi-Ahman as a place of historical importance for Latter-day Saints suggests the need for a new look at the site. Indeed, at least one writer has called for an "archaeological reconnaissance of the area before it becomes too accessible to tourists and souvenir- seekers." It is not the purpose of this paper to defend the pros and cons of such a plea. Rather... Read more

Mormon Bibliography 1972

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The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness: Sidney Rigdon, Religious Reformer, 1793-1876

In a paper presented at the Spring 1971 meeting of the Mormon History Association and later published in Courage (vol. 2, no. 1, September 1971), Mark McKiernan argued that Sidney Rigdon has not been given proper respect by religious historians because his search for truth was not compatible with any organized religion of his time. Since Rigdon separated himself from the Baptists, Campbellites,... Read more

The Sensitive Manipulator

If the reader avoids stumbling over the multiple interpretations of the title, he will find The Sensitive Manipulator a unique and comprehensive collection of concepts associated with the process of change as it relates to human behavior. The author has attacked the difficult problem of cognitively discussing an affective subject with a gutty freshness. From his earthy anecdote of the strained... Read more

Mormon Arts, Volume I

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Mormon Arts, Volume I

Since 1969 Brigham Young University has held a Mormon Festival of Arts each spring. This book is basically an outgrowth and an expression of these festivals and thus many of the strengths and weaknesses of the book are reflections of strengths and weaknesses of the Festival. The book is lavishly illustrated with over 120 photographs and illustrations (45 in color) of art mainly from the festival... Read more

Camelot and the Vision of Albion

Att South Cadbyri standith Camallate, sumtyme a famose toun or castelle. The people can tell nothing thar but that they have hard say that Arture much resortid to Camalat. So wrote John Leland, an author attached to Henry VIII, in 1542. In the summer of 1966 an archaeological organization began digging the hill of Cadbury Castle in the hope of finding some evidence which would substantiate that... Read more

Population, Resources, and the Future: Non-Malthusian Perspective

Is society perfectible? This was a question much debated in Europe towards the end of the eighteenth century. In discussions with his father, who believed that it was, Thomas Robert Malthus, an English curate and economist, advanced the view that the realization of a happy society will always be hindered by the tendency for population to increase faster than the means of subsistence. The only... Read more

One Hundred Steps Down Mesa's Past

Having lived for three years in Arizona, and having visited most of her towns and cities at least three or four times, it was a pleasant experience to go to Mesa-Lehi again through the pages of Mr. Merrill's book. This work, not written for the historian or the serious scholar, provides many insights into the settlement, colonization and daily life of those people who settled this part of Arizona... Read more

Hinman Collation of the First Edition of the Book of Mormon

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The Kesler Collection

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