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Journal 14:4

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The Political and Social Realities of Zion's Camp

Ever since Zion's Camp marched out of Kirtland, Ohio, in May 1834, its journey has been one of Mormon history's more controversial events. BYU professors Peter Crawley and Richard L. Anderson review the facts and evaluate the context of political and social forces that brought Zion's Camp into and out of existence. After being expelled from Jackson County, Missouri, the Latter-day Saints asked... Read more

The Danite Band of 1838

The Danites, a secret, oath-bound organization, appeared during a troubled period in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This article examines the Danites' origin, purpose, and organizational structure. Sampson Avard organized the Danites (also known as the Daughters of Zion) in order to protect the Church from dissenting influence in Caldwell County, Missouri. However... Read more

The Courthouse Mentioned in the Revelation on Zion

In 1831 Joseph Smith arrived in Jackson County, Missouri, to locate the City of Zion and revealed that the temple would be built near the Jackson County Courthouse. However, some have identified the wrong courthouse, as there were three Jackson County courthouses in Independence. The courthouse which was standing on the public square the summer Joseph and his party arrived in Missouri was the... Read more

Missouri Mormon Manuscripts: Sources in Selected Societies

The Missouri period (January 1831–July 1839) was a dramatic and troublesome time in the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While the period may be one of the best documented times of Church history, a search of three Missouri archives turned up over 250 unpublished documents, which add considerably to our knowledge and understanding of that difficult time. Mormon... Read more

New Data for Revising the Missouri "Documentary History"

Although the seven-volume "Documentary History of the Church" ( History of the Church ) has served as an indispensable resource in studying the history of Joseph Smith and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormon scholar Richard Lloyd Anderson calls for a revision of this work so that new supplementary material can be added. Important sources that can be considered as additions to... Read more

Two Rare Missouri Documents

Description and discussion of two contemporary Mormon imprints dealing with the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Missouri. One is of the extra issue of the Church newspaper in Kirtland, Ohio, The Evening and the Morning Star, from February 1834. This issue reprinted text from a Missouri circular The Upper Missouri Enquirer and gives a comprehensive account of the... Read more

Mormon Bibliography 1973

BYU Special Collections curator Chad J. Flake discusses the drawbacks of the Mormon History Association starting a new journal, referencing a number of journals being discontinued due to financial pressures. He cites the need for Mormon scholars to publish in national magazines and historical quarterlies to reach a larger audience and provide balanced coverage to these publications. He then... Read more

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