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Journal 17:2

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The Apocalypse of Adam

In most forms of Gnosticism secret oral tradition is often associated with accounts of the creation of the world, the experiences of Adam and Eve in the Garden, and the fall of man. It is usually in this creation setting or in a temple or on a mountaintop that Gnosticism places the revelation of the esoteric mysteries and the knowledge needed to thwart the archontic powers and return to God... Read more

Columbia River

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Karl G. Maeser's German Background, 1828-1856: The Making of Zion's Teacher

We often pay tribute to Karl G. Maeser, whom sensitive students like Talmage and Nelson admired to the point of hero worship, but little has been known of those sources of Maeser's character, world view, and educational philosophy which qualified him for the trusted calling he received and which formed the basis for his later success as a teacher in Zion. It is the purpose of this essay to... Read more


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Historian as Entrepreneur: A Personal Essay

Wednesday, January 5, 1972. I was planning my lectures for the next day in my office at Utah State University, when the telephone rang. "Hello, Dr. Arrington? This is President Tanner. I would like to see you; when will you next be in Salt Lake City?" I replied that I would come whenever he wished. "How about yesterday?" he asked with a chuckle. We agreed on eleven the next morning. . . . Read more

Toward Manti

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Unarmed Descent: The Achievement of R. D. Laing

The response to R. D. Laing's innovative psychiatry has been varied. One American colleague of Laing sees him as a "brilliant and sensitive paranoid schizophrenic." Another psychoanalyst who is close to Laing, and familiar with his theoretical and clinical work, believes him to be "perhaps the most original and creative psychiatric thinker since Freud." The intention of this essay is, with... Read more

The Old Philosopher

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The Mormon Village: Genesis and Antecedents of the City of Zion Plan

As settlement in the United States progressed beyond the Appalachians, establishment of cities became the focus of intense speculative activity. From the 1790s until the land had been settled there was a "city-mania" among Americans, contemporary observers noting that nearly every person in the Ohio-Mississippi Valley had in his pocket a grandiose plan for a city that he wanted to sell in whole... Read more

The Story of the Latter-day Saints

The publication of this one-volume survey history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an event of some moment, long-awaited. No doubt the book will be of influence in the long line of Mormon historiogtaphy. The amount of work required for such a coverage is enormous, the task of synthesis is overwhelming, and there are more difficulties for the historian than any reader or... Read more

Building the City of God: Community and Cooperation among the Mormons

Classic Mormon economic practices might be seen as exotic species by the non-Mormon historian. The deed of consecration in which the Trustee-in-Trust regranted land ownership rights for a lifetime stewardship was a radical departure from the American fee simple, and also in apparent violation of the principles of Quia Emptores Terrarum, the ancient English land law which ruled in colonial America... Read more

Cyrus E. Dallin: Let Justice Be Done

Radical stylistic changes in late nineteenth and twentieth century art and accompanying accommodations in taste have for many years resulted in frequently undeserved scorn for more traditionally inclined or "academic" works of art from the same period. In the case of sculpture of the type, in fact, such attitudes have caused a virtual banishment of many fine and expressive pieces from public view... Read more

The Gentile Comes to Cache Valley: A Study of the Logan Apostasies of 1874 and the Establishment of Non-Mormon Churches in Cache Valley, 1873-1913

Since the pioneering work of Robert J. Dwyer, historians, including Helen Papanikolas and T. Edgar Lyon, have taken an interest in the non-Mormon population of the Beehive State. Like Papanikolas, Simmonds has studied the development of a gentile community within a single region of Utah. Simmonds' book begins with a a description of Cache Valley in 1873 and moves to a discussion of the creation... Read more

The Articles of Faith

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The Association for Mormon Letters

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