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Journal 19:1

BYU Studies Staff remember T. Edgar Lyon in "In Memoriam: T. Edgar Lyon." Then, Leland H. Gentry addresses the question "What of the Lectures on Faith" by saying, what, when and where these series of presentations took place. Also there are two articles on prayer circles. The first one is by Hugh W. Nibley, then there is one by D. Michael Quinn.Read more

In Memoriam: T. Edgar Lyon

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What of the Lectures on Faith?

Latter-day Saint history is replete with historical questions, some of which pertain to what are termed the Lectures on Faith. What are the Lectures on Faith? How did they originate? Why were they taken out of the Doctrine and Covenants? Who wrote and delivered them? It is the purpose of this paper to examine these questions and to supply some plausible answers. The Lectures on Faith are a series... Read more

An Analysis of the Padilla Gold Plates

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The Early Christian Prayer Circle

The nature of the early Christian prayer circle may be described by letting the oldest documents speak for themselves, beginning with the latest and moving backwards to the earliest. The rite was depicted for the last time in a document read to the assembled churchmen of the Second Council of Nicaea in A.D. 787 and condemned by them to the flames. Their objection was to parts of the text that... Read more

Latter-day Saint Prayer Circles

This binding process in religion has often been achieved through secret as well as public rites. Latter-day Saints scholar Hugh Nibley has devoted much research to ancient ordinances that were "hidden from the world" and were intended to be experienced in sacred seclusion. The importance of such study lies in the fact that within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are certain... Read more

The Priesthood-Auxiliary Movement, 1928–1938

While reviewing the chronology in the Sunday School handbook, I was surprised to learn that priesthood classes were conducted with the Sunday School not too many years ago. Even though I had studied twentieth century Church history extensively, I had never heard of this combination. Most Latter-day Saints regard priesthood correlation as a phenomenon beginning in the 1960s, but I was amazed to... Read more

Lyman Sherman—Man of God, Would-be Apostle

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Mormon in Motion: The Life and Journals of James H. Hart, 1825–1906, in England, France, and America

Mormon in Motion is most certainly a contribution to Mormon biography. It is a vivid account of James H. Hart, one of the early Saints who spent his life building the Kingdom. It is the second significant Mormon biography to appear in 1978. But this book is different from the other significant biography, Spencer W. Kimball, in its accomplishment for Church members. This second biography is a... Read more

The Genteel Gentile: Letters of Elizabeth Cumming, 1857–1858

This handsome book, published in a limited edition, is number eight of the series, "Utah, The Mormons, and The West," which has included such valuable works as Elizabeth Wood Kane's Twelve Mormon Homes and Annie Clark Tanner's A Mormon Mother. These letters, eighteen in number, were written by Elizabeth Cumming, wife of Utah's first non-Mormon governor, during the time that she accompanied her... Read more