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Journal 35:2

Volume 35:2 (1995)
This issue of BYU Studies contains articles on a variety of topics. While the stories of Mormon pioneers crossing the plains in wagons and handcarts are well known, Stan Kimball looks at the part of the voyage done via boats and trains. Merrill J. Bateman, who would soon become president of Brigham Young University, writes about the relationship between discovering gospel truth and secular...Read more

Sail and Rail Pioneers before 1869

Most pioneers traveled by boat or rail from their ships or other starting points in the East to places in the West where the wagon trails began. Those important legs of their journeys were sometimes well over a thousand miles long—a real story, a real journey, which was in many cases as hazardous and arduous as the final trek across the plains. They endured harassment, filthy accommodations,... Read more

Secular Learning in a Spiritual Environment

Twenty-five years ago, I arrived on the campus of Brigham Young University as a newly recruited economics professor. I had received a Ph.D. from one of the more respected graduate programs in the country, completed my military obligation, and was now embarking on an academic career. A few months later, I received a telephone call from a faculty member in another department. The person introduced... Read more

This Woman Is Full

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Spiritual "Reddyness"

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Brother Wiseman

He appeared in our midst suddenly one Sunday morning. Hopped off a double decker bus across the road from Waynes Bakery just as they were pulling the first buns, five cents apiece, from the oven. Although, hopped is not exactly the word. More like he shuffled his little black body across the street and up the seven stairs outside the Mowbray Chapel, corner of Grove and Main, Cape Town, South... Read more

David White Rogers of New York

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How Large Was the Population of Nauvoo?

Various estimates have been given by many historians for the population of Nauvoo from 1839 to 1846. Admittedly, demographic descriptions of that era are riddled with statistical inadequacies, yet while these difficulties have been recognized by historians, they have not been resolved to the extent possible through research. While historians all agree that the population of Nauvoo rapidly... Read more

Picturing the Nauvoo Legion

When artists sought to visually depict the history of Nauvoo, they not surprisingly included images of the Nauvoo Legion and its officers. Most of the Legion artwork centered on Joseph Smith himself or on his involvement with the militia as it prepared for self-defense. These images ensured a place for the twenty-five hundred Legion members in the visual history of Nauvoo, but also they raise... Read more

Seeing Joseph's Face on Y Mountain

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Officers and Arms: The 1843 General Return of the Nauvoo Legion's Second Cohort

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Re-examining Baptismal Fonts (videocassette)

This richly colorful video encourages the Christian community to reexamine the significance of baptism and redesign the space where their baptisms are performed in view of an awakened interest in the theology of baptism. It pleads for visual enhancement of the baptismal experience in order to teach the many-layered symbols of baptism in greater depth. But of greater interest to Latter-day Saints... Read more

The Millenarian World of Early Mormonism

Grant Underwood, associate professor of religion at Brigham Young University–Hawaii, wrote The Millenarian World of Early Mormonism after years of research, during which he wrote a doctoral dissertation on and published a number of scholarly articles concerning Mormonism and millenarianism. The Millenarian World is not only a polished formulation of Underwood's previous research that supersedes... Read more

An Intimate Chronicle: The Journals of William Clayton

The personal journals of William Clayton poignantly reflect the experiences, concerns, and attitudes of one of the many faithful Latter-day Saints who, though not leaders, were essential to the strength and success of early Mormonism. After 1842, however, Clayton was particularly close to Joseph Smith, and his journals provide some important insight into the life of the founding prophet of the... Read more

Woman to Woman: Selected Talks from the BYU Women's Conferences and Others

MAREN M. MOURITSEN, ed. Woman to Woman: Selected Talks from the BYU Women's Conferences. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1986. MARY E. STOVALL and CAROL CORNWALL MADSEN, eds. A Heritage of Faith: Talks Selected from the BYU Women's Conferences. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1988. MARY E. STOVALL and CAROL CORNWALL MADSEN, eds. As Women of Faith: Talks Selected from the BYU Women's Conferences. Salt... Read more

The Angel and the Beehive

The Angel and the Beehive is the story of Mormons vacillating between acceptance and rejection of the surrounding American culture. The beehive serves as the symbol of worldly enterprise, including economic, educational, cultural, and political success—the enterprises that help accelerate the process of assimilation. In sharp contrast, the angel represents the otherworldly spiritual dimensions,... Read more

Moral Perspectives on U.S. Security Policy

What helpful insights can the gospel offer to those concerned with the conduct of public affairs? This is a question many LDS people undoubtedly have wrestled with as they have tried to find political ground that is both practically defensible and morally responsible. In this small book, published by BYU's David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, a group of LDS scholars and foreign... Read more

Catching the Vision: Working Together to Create a Millennial Ward

Writing from his experiences as a husband, father, bishop, high councilor, general Sunday School board member, and stake president, the author adds his expertise as a professional sociologist to this serious look at what it would take to prepare the Saints, their families, and their wards for millennial living. Dyer asks readers to consider the questions "Can the Millennium begin if the Saints... Read more

Historical Dictionary of Mormonism

While one of the greatest strengths of Mormonism is its missionary program, many public libraries lack objective and concise information for the curious investigator concerning the Church. All too frequently the only offerings are anti-Mormon in tone and content—some of them subtly so—and are therefore very confusing for a seeker looking for a balanced view of a new religion. This information gap... Read more

The Radiant Life

Madsen, a master teacher, seeks here to lead Saints to a fuller spiritual life, to stir in them a new attitude about their thoughts and actions. This work is similar in style to his book The Highest in Us —both are intended for general readership and are designed to uplift and inspire. Highly readable, the book contains a potent mixture of theory, anecdotes, and solid doctrine based on scripture... Read more

Crossing the Threshold of Hope

A happy combination of question and answer, this book has been a best seller. We get a sense of informality as Vittorio Messori—chosen because of his previous writing and because he is a believer—asks the questions and John Paul II answers in words intended to be understood. Always articulate, the Pope responds to questions one by one: How does the Pope pray? If God exists, why is he hiding? Why... Read more

Thy People Shall Be My People and Thy God My God: The 22d Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium

The 1993 Sperry Symposium on the Old Testament, Thy People Shall Be My People and Thy God My God, is also relevant to studies of the other standard works, particularly the New Testament. Outstanding contributions include Terry Ball's explanations of botanical imagery in Isaiah, applicable to the words of Jesus; Jennifer Clark Lane's discussion of adoption and redemption in the old Testament and... Read more

The Apostle Paul: His Life and Testimony: The 23rd Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium

Each of the twelve essays compiled from papers given at the 1994 Sperry Symposium is worth reading. Some pieces are homiletic, others scholarly. All treat either Paul's milieu or his epistles, several using methods of biblical criticism to elucidate Paul's literary and historical context. From their faithful viewpoints, authors refreshingly engage questions such as, Can Paul's epistles be read as... Read more

The Father of the Prophet: Stories and Insights from the Life of Joseph Smith Sr.

Just before his death in Egypt, Joseph the son of Jacob prophesied that from his seed a seer would be raised up "called Joseph and it shall be after the name of his father" (JST Gen. 50:33). Nephi repeats this prophecy (2 Ne. 3:15), which he likely obtained from the brass plates. With his book The Father of the Prophet, Mark McConkie captures the spirit of that ancient prophecy by honoring the... Read more

Mormon Bibliography 1994

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