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Journal 39:1

Volume 39:1 (2000)
Immigrating to Utah between the years 1861 and 1864 proved to be a little problematic for traveling Saints because of America's Civil War. Their challenges and success are told in two articles of this BYU Studies. The theme of travels and trials continues in two articles about some remarkable Mormon Russians who traveled to the Stockholm Sweden Temple to receive their ordinances for the first...Read more

East to West through North and South: Mormon Immigration during the Civil War

The Saints gathering to Zion during the years of the Civil War endured the threat of wartime violence from the time they left their homelands. They encountered warships on the seas and the agitation and commotion of troops in the cities once they landed. They withstood cramped and malodorous journeys in cattle cars, endured searches and inspections by troops, and were subjected to the unnerving... Read more

Wyoming, Nebraska Territory: Joseph W. Young and the Mormon Emigration of 1864

The monumental efforts of the Church agents in implementing and achieving a successful Mormon emigration are generally not considered in most studies. Stories of the Mormon emigration typically focus on the faith, sacrifices, and hardships of the emigrants themselves during their trek to Zion. What is usually not examined is the tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes organizing, planning, and... Read more

Earth Writing

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Joseph Smith and the Problem of Evil

All of us have struggled or likely will struggle in a very personal way with the problem of evil. Paulsen asserts, "As I have perused the philosophical literature on the problem of evil and noted men's perplexities and then returned to once more ponder the revelations and teachings of Joseph Smith, I have been constantly amazed. Joseph had no training in theology, no doctor of divinity degree,... Read more

A Few Questions—Involving Pears—for My Newborn Son

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A Gathering Place: Russian Week at the Stockholm Sweden Temple

The Stockholm Sweden Temple (dedicated 1985) is well suited to assist Saints in the states of the former Soviet Union. This article tells the story of work in the 1990s for these Saints to attend the temple. It required careful negotiations with governments, making arrangements for travel, surmounting language barriers, and teaching the new converts the basics of temple procedures. Swedish and... Read more

Vignettes of Temple-Bound Russians

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Oliver Cowdery's Vermont Years and the Origins of Mormonism

Cowdery biographers have generally repeated a few brief facts before darting to Oliver's initial meeting with Joseph Smith in April 1829. A close look at the record, however, reveals a rich family history—a history that includes the death of Oliver's mother, the blending of three families, four moves between two states, and a plague that took a dear aunt and uncle. All of these details in turn... Read more

Wilford Woodruff and Zion's Camp: Baptism by Fire and the Spiritual Confirmation of a Future Prophet

During his youth in Connecticut, Wilford Woodruff, who in 1889 became the fourth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, turned his feet to the path that led to religious conversion. His journey eventually led to his baptism into the Mormon Church in 1833. The following year he accepted a call to march with Zion's Camp. Wilford Woodruff was rebaptized by the fires of that... Read more

We Also Marched: The Women and Children of Zion's Camp, 1834

Much like the women of the Mormon Battalion and other military expeditions, the Zion's Camp women contributed in various ways to the overall character of the group and its success and helped prepare for later mass migrations to the West. The women helped with the traditional domestic duties of cooking and laundering and caring for children. They also provided a civilizing influence on the camp. Read more

Towards a History of Provo

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Journal of the Branch of the Church of Christ in Pontiac, . . . 1834: Hyrum Smith's Division of Zion's Camp

On April 21, 1834, Hyrum Smith and Lyman Wight set out from Kirtland, Ohio, for Pontiac, Michigan, to recruit volunteers for the march of Zion's Camp. Their objective was to lead their recruits on a six-hundred-mile march to a prearranged rendezvous with Joseph Smith's Kirtland division in Missouri. Typically, scholarly treatments have overlooked the Hyrum Smith-Lyman Wight division of Zion's... Read more


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Andrew Jenson Chides the Saints

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New Photographs of the Alberta Canada Temple Site Dedication, 1913

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Wayward Saints: The Godbeites and Brigham Young

The Godbeites were a group of Mormon dissenters, mostly of British birth, who in the 1870s took strong exception to the communal economic policies of Brigham Young and other leaders of the Church. So outspoken was their criticism that most were eventually excommunicated, several after becoming attached to spiritualism. This belief apparently served as a surrogate for the excitement and zeal that... Read more

Christus in Amerika? Mormonentum als christliche Religion in vergleichender Kirchengeschichte

A graphic on the cover of this German paperback juxtaposes the face of the Statue of Liberty with an image of Thorvaldsen's sculpture Christus. The title translates as "Christ in America? Mormonism as a Christian Religion in Comparative Ecclesiastical History." On closer reading, we realize that the question forming the first part of the title (Christ in America?) is not asked with the... Read more

Arm the Children: Faith's Response to a Violent World

The first precept I heard from the lips of Arthur Henry King was that an author is revealed by his work. Attitudes, prejudices, morality, commitments—all are unfolded in the works of any given author. At the very least, this expanded and edited volume, which draws upon Arthur Henry King's earlier work, The Abundance of the Heart, reveals the man without being overtly autobiographical. Yet even... Read more

From Jerusalem to Zarahemla

The ten scholarly studies collected in this volume represent a harvest of almost two decades of close and careful reading of the Book of Mormon. In these studies, Kent Brown draws on his training and experience in biblical studies, applying methodologies long used in the reading of biblical texts to the texts of the Book of Mormon with surprising and satisfying results. He asks questions of the... Read more

A Lively Hope: The Suffering, Death, Resurrection, and Exaltation of Jesus Christ

A Lively Hope might be called a meditation on the death and resurrection of Christ based on the text of the four Gospels. Though not exactly a commentary, the volume nevertheless follows the commentary format: the work is divided neatly in two—the first half considers the Passion narratives, the second, the Resurrection narratives. Holzapfel discusses each Gospel separately but avoids repetition... Read more

New Genesis: a Mormon Reader on Land and Community

Perhaps no political issue is more divisive in the Mountain West Mormon community than environmental conservation. New Genesis: A Mormon Reader on Land and Community is a collection of essays that represent a wide spectrum of Mormon views on conservation, excluding only the advocates of unrestrained development. This collection may help to ease tensions among disparate stakeholders in Utah's open... Read more