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Journal 42:1

Volume 42:1 (2003)
BYU Studies' most recent issue explores the lives of the first two bishops of the Latter-day Church: Edward G. Partridge, the first bishop of the restored Church in Missouri; and Newel K. Whitney, storekeeper and bishop in Kirtland.Read more

The Story of A Disciple's Life: Preparing the Biography of Elder Neal A. Maxwell

In 1996, I was called to the Seventy and assigned to an Area Presidency in Australia, where I would remain until returning to Utah in August 2000. Like so many other Church members, my wife, Marie, and I were stunned by the news of Elder Maxwell's leukemia in late 1996, and we worried and prayed about his health. During October conference 1999, he invited me to come by his office. As we talked,... Read more

Nothing Less Than Miraculous: The First Decade of Mormonism in Mongolia

The Latter-day Saints' assumption of Christ's great commission—the command to teach and baptize all nations—can hardly be overstated as a motivational force for sending missionaries to far-away places to testify of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. An 1831 revelation authorized and empowered Joseph Smith to send missionaries "unto the ends of the world" and "to lay the foundation of this... Read more

Edward Partridge in Painesville, Ohio

For a short period in the 1830s, the town of Painesville, Ohio, played an important part in the development of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The town was a place of success for Mormon missionaries; it was a religious battlefield in which the Campbellites resisted the encroachments of the missionaries; it was the home of the Painesville Telegraph , one of the most virulent... Read more

Thou Art the Man: Newel K. Whitney in Ohio

In the early 1820s, Newel K. Whitney set up his first store in Kirtland, Ohio, in a little log cabin. From such humble beginnings he created a thriving business that would later become central to the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, over time the holdings and contributions of the Whitney family in Kirtland were largely forgotten. It was in Kirtland where... Read more

Save the Emigrants: Joseph Clewes on the Mountain Meadows Massacre

Occasionally a major, previously published document such as this one falls between the historical cracks and becomes virtually forgotten. Although Joseph Clewe's statement on the Mountain Meadows Massacre was published in 1877 and was widely discussed at the time, current scholars have been little or no use of it. Their omission is unfortunate. Clewe's statement has its limitations. It was... Read more

Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows

Although Frank James Singer, a successful California businessman, hired Will Bagley to rewrite the story of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Bagley says Singer did not influence his interpretation. Drawing upon his literary skills as editor of several volumes in Western history and as a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune, Bagley presents his story by dramatically weaving the massacre into such... Read more

Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows

"No other circumstance in the history of the Latter-day Saints in Utah has undermined their Christian self-esteem with such force as the Mountain Meadows Massacre," wrote prominent Mormon writer Levi Peterson in 1988. And so it is. Even today, informed Church members wonder how a generation claiming to be a restoration of New Testament Christianity could participate in an event so utterly ghastly... Read more

Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows

The massacre at Mountain Meadows remains one of the most heinous and least understood crimes in the history of the American West. How a militia unit of "God-fearing Christians" could have murdered more than 120 people in cold blood seems beyond comprehension. In a previous book, I attempted to understand the massacre by comparing it to "the massacres of Christian Armenians by Moslem Turks, of... Read more

Avenues toward Christianity: Mormonism in Comparative Church History

This is not a book to be read in one session. Its title is well chosen because of the richness in diversity and tradition that is reflected in this work. The book does not address a narrow issue, but, as the word avenues indicates, takes a broader perspective on the Restoration, Mormon history, and doctrines. The authors, with their heritage in Germany, provide appropriate insights into Mormonism... Read more

In the Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible and How It Changed a Nation

This thoroughly informative and completely enjoyable volume really tells a story. And what a story it is! The triumphant tale of the King James Bible is complete with political twists, religious controversies, national pride, royal machinations, scholarly posturing, economic opportunism, technological inventions, vested interests, profound compromises, and ultimately, phenomenal success. The... Read more