Christmas – "Good Tidings of Great Joy"

As we read the nativity chapters in Matthew and Luke, we can see how they tell that Jesus is the Son of God. 


“Old Testament Figures, New Testament Saints: How Luke evokes the Old Testament,” by Eric D. Huntsman

Luke’s nativity chapters evoke Old Testament people: Abraham, Sarah, the parents of Samson, Hannah, Isaiah, and Huldah. Seeing these parallels help the reader to recognize who Jesus is. 


What on Earth are Swaddling Clothes? By John W. Welch

Mary’s use of swaddling bands signaled that her baby was well cared for. Swaddling bands are also symbolic, as they are referred to metaphorically regarding the creation of the earth in Job 38. 


Are the Christmas stories in Matthew and Luke reconcilable? By John W. Welch

The Christmas stories of Matthew and Luke are very different. They tell us different things. Each has a different perspective, approach, and audience. But underlying their differences is an essential agreement on the ten most important points.


The Testimony of Luke, by S. Kent Brown


These four short excerpts point out aspects of the Luke narrative that may be overlooked:

The Chronicles of Mary and Joseph: Part 1 of 4, An Angel Comes to Galilee

The Chronicles of Mary and Joseph: Part 2 of 4, Mary

The Chronicles of Mary and Joseph: Part 3 of 4, Joseph and Mary 

The Chronicles of Mary and Joseph: part 4 of 4, Bethlehem and Beyond