Volume 6 Chapter 15


General Conference for April, 1844, Concluded—The Announcement that the Whole Land of America is Zion—Instructions to Elders Set Apart for Missions—A General Conference in England.


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Monday, April 8, 1844.—[Conference Report Continued.]

At three-quarters past 9 A.M., President Joseph Smith took his seat on the stand and requested the choir to sing a hymn. He called upon Elder Brigham Young to read 1st Corinthians, 15th chapter, as his own lungs were injured.

Elder Brigham Young said—to continue the subject of President Smith’s discourse yesterday, I shall commence by reading the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians, from an old Bible; and requested W. W. Phelps to read it.

Prayer by Elder Brigham Young, after which the choir sang a hymn.

President Joseph Smith’s Remarks—The Whole of America Zion.

President Joseph Smith said:—It is just as impossible, for me to continue the subject of yesterday as to raise the dead. My lungs are worn out. There is a time to all things, and I must wait. I will give it up, and leave the time to those who can make you hear, and I will continue the subject of my discourse some other time. I want to make a proclamation to the Elders. I wanted you to stay, in order that I might make this proclamation. You know very well that the Lord has led this Church by revelation. I have another revelation in relation to economy in the Church—a great, grand, and glorious revelation. I shall not be able to dwell as largely upon it now as at some other time; but I will give you the first principles. You know there has been great discussion in relation to Zion—where it is, and where the gathering of the dispensation is, and which I am now going to tell you. The prophets have spoken and written upon it; but I will make a proclamation that will cover a broader ground. The whole of America is Zion itself from north to south, and is described by the Prophets, who declare that it is the Zion where the mountain of the Lord should be, and that it should be in the center of the land. When Elders shall take up and examine the old prophecies in the Bible, they will see it.

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The declaration this morning is, that as soon as the Temple and baptismal font are prepared, we calculate to give the Elders of Israel their washings and anointings, and attend to those last and more impressive ordinances, without which we cannot obtain celestial thrones. But there must be a holy place prepared for that purpose. There was a proclamation made during the time that the foundation of the Temple was laid to that effect, and there are provisions made until the work is completed, so that men may receive their endowments and be made kings and priests unto the Most High God, having nothing to do with temporal things, but their whole time will be taken up with things pertaining to the house of God. There must, however, be a place built expressly for that purpose, and for men to be baptized for their dead. It must be built in this the central place; for every man who wishes to save his father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends, must go through all the ordinances for each one of them separately, the same as for himself, from baptism to ordination, washings and anointings, and receive all the keys and powers of the Priesthood, the same as for himself.

I have received instructions from the Lord that from henceforth wherever the Elders of Israel shall build up churches and branches unto the Lord throughout the States, there shall be a stake of Zion. In the great cities, as Boston, New York, &c., there shall be stakes. It is a glorious proclamation, and I reserved it to the last, and designed it to be understood that this work shall commence after the washings, anointings and endowments have been performed here.

The Lord has an established law in relation to the matter: there must be a particular spot for the salvation of our dead. I verily believe there will be a place, and hence men who want to save their dead can come and bring their families, do their work by being baptized and attending to the other ordinances for their dead, and then may go back again to live and wait till they go to receive their reward. I shall leave my brethren to enlarge on this subject: it is my duty to teach the doctrine. I would teach it more fully—the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. God is not willing to let me gratify you; but I must teach the Elders, and they should teach you. God made Aaron to be the mouth piece for the children of Israel,1 and He will make me be god to you in His stead, and the Elders to be mouth for me; and if you don’t like it, you must lump it. I have been giving Elder Adams instruction in some principles to speak to you, and if he makes a mistake, I will get up and correct him.

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Elder G. J. Adams preached a discourse which occupied three hours, and which could be heard a great distance.

President Joseph Smith turned over the conference into the hands of the Twelve.

Choir sang a hymn. Prayer.

President Hyrum Smith called the conference to order at twenty-five minutes to four P.M., and spoke to the assembly one hour and a half.

He treated upon the subject of Elders preaching abroad. He said it was a matter of consequence that the Elders of Israel should know what they were about when they go to preach the Gospel. They should, like Paul, be ready to give a reason for the hope of their calling. When they are sent to preach the Gospel, they should preach the Gospel and nothing else, if they wish to stand approved themselves. The Elders are sent into the world to preach faith, repentance, baptism for the remission of sins, and the laying on of hands for the reception of the Holy Ghost and they should let the mysteries alone.

God has commanded you to preach repentance to this generation; and if this generation will not receive the first principles of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon, they will receive nothing greater. Just go and do as you are told and God will bless you.

It is the power of God that is going to convert the world, and nothing but the power of God. Every man who knows me knows that I have taught these principles from the beginning. It is the honest and pure in heart that will harken to the everlasting covenant. They are those who are noble and good; they will feed and clothe you and receive your testimony; and we want the Elders to gather out the good seed to Nauvoo. The day will come when you will see the wicked flee when no man pursueth. I want you to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Preach principles that will stand the test of ages; teach them good precepts and save souls, go forth as men of God, and you will find friends wherever you go. Drink deep of the Spirit of Truth and a great and mighty work shall be wrought in the world; hundreds and tens of thousands shall flock to the standard and go up to Zion.

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Many other remarks were made by the speaker.

After which Sidney Rigdon made a few remarks, and concurred in what Brother Hyrum had said.

Twelve minutes to six, adjourned to April 9th, at eight o’clock, A.M.

Special Meeting of Elders.

Tuesday, 9.—[Conference Report Continued]. At 8 A.M., the Elders assembled at the stand, (President Brigham Young presiding,) and were addressed by Elder Amasa Lyman; after which: President Brigham Young said—

Address of Brigham Young.

What has been given is correct; the speech and conduct of Elders one towards another is frequently wrong; one Elder will speak evil of another; and while you trample others you will sink yourself. A man has sinking principles; but if his feelings are elevated, he will build up others and build up himself. Just as sure as one Elder tries to build himself upon the destruction of another, he will surely sink himself.

I would like to sit and hear the brethren teach for a week; but as business is pressing, we must hurry through. Preach repentance to this generation. Faith must go before repentance, and of course all men must follow the course and obey the laws and ordinances for the remission of sins, so as to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and then your mission is done. Let a man who goes into the vineyard build up all he can. If a man preaches anything in error, pray to God that no man may remember it any more. No Elder will correct another in public before unbelievers unless he has the sinking principle. I call all the Elders together to witness that I always use charity, for it covers a multitude of sins.

North and South America Zion.

Let us obey the proclamation of Joseph Smith concerning the Elders going forth into the vineyard to build up the Temple, get their endowments, and be prepared to go forth and preach the Gospel. You may build up Zion, and learn to be men, and not children. It was a perfect sweepstakes when the Prophet called North and South America Zion. Let us go to and build the Temple with all our might, that we may build up the kingdom when established and her cords lengthened. It is a perfect knock-down to the devil’s kingdom. There is not a faithful Elder who cannot, if he is humble and diligent, build up the Church. There are many men who will give you large sums to build a Stake of Zion where they live. It proves the words of the Prophet of the last days.

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The Priesthood is fitted to every capacity in the world. There are blessings and conditions in that Priesthood that suit every man. This will suit the condition of thousands, because it is as broad as the heavens, deep as hell, and wide as eternity.

I am asked all sorts of questions about making gods and devils, and organizing the eternal worlds; but we could not get it precisely into our understandings so as to make them. The God we serve is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There is no need of breaking the law of the land if you keep the law of the Lord. I want a wife that can take care of my children when I am away, who can pray, lay on hands, anoint with oil, and baffle the enemy; and this is a spiritual wife.

The sweepstakes is a perfect knock-down to the devil. We will build up churches and establish Zion and her stakes. This is a fire which, cannot be put out: it has spread far faster than ever it did before. If you kick us and cuff us, we will turn the world upside down, and make the cart draw the horse. We want to build the Temple and have the roof on this fall, in the name of Israel’s God. There are hundreds of Elders who will sell their property to build up the Temple. Let us pay up our tithing. If there are any men who have not paid their tithing, they will not get in there. Let the branches send teams with provisions to work all the year.

We are acquainted with the views of Gen. Smith, the Democrats and Whigs and all factions. It is now time to have a President of the United States. Elders will be sent to preach the Gospel and electioneer. The government belongs to God. No man can draw the dividing line between the government of God and the government of the children of men. You can’t touch the Gospel without infringing upon the common avocations of men. They may have helps and governments in the Church, but it is all one at last.

Address of Hyrum Smith the Patriarch.

Patriarch Hyrum Smith said: I never knew a proclamation to be understood at once. President Brigham Young wished to draw the attention of the brethren, first to build the Temple and get your washings, anointings, and endowments; after that to build up branches throughout the nations. We must do all we can to build up the Temple, and after that to build churches. The gathering will continue here until the Temple is so far finished that the Elders can get their endowments; and after that the gathering will be from the nations to North and South America, which is the land of Zion. North and South America, are the symbols of the wings. The gathering from the old countries will always be to headquarters, and I have no doubt this conference will do a great deal of good.

[Page 323]

We have every power and principle to teach the people. Say what God says, and say no more. Never deviate one fraction from what God tells you. Elder Rigdon’s remarks were very correct. Give out the simple principles. A man never fails who only says what he knows; and if any man says more, and can’t give reasons, he falls short. Preach the first principles of the Gospel—preach them over again: you will find that day after day new ideas and additional light concerning them will be revealed to you. You can enlarge upon them so as to comprehend them clearly. You will then be able to make them more plainly understood by those who teach, so that you will meet with scarcely any honest man but will obey them, and none who can oppose. Adduce sufficient reason to prove all things, and you can convert every honest man in the world. The knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not prevalent in the world, although it is written in the Holy Book. You can prove it by the Holy Book they profess to believe in, and your arguments will be so strong and convincing, that people will hear and obey it by thousands. The Savior says that to you it is given to know the mysteries of God, but to the world it is not given. You have power; you are authorized to put down every foolish thing you hear. A wise man will put it out of existence as he goes along; for light cleaveth unto light, knowledge to knowledge, and intelligence to intelligence.

We engage in the election the same as in any other principle: you are to vote for good men, and if you do not do this it is a sin: to vote for wicked men, it would be sin. Choose the good and refuse the evil. Men of false principles have preyed upon us like wolves upon helpless lambs. Damn the rod of tyranny; curse it. Let every man use his liberties according to the Constitution. Don’t fear man or devil; electioneer with all people, male and female, and exhort them to do the thing that is right. We want a President of the U. S., not a party President, but a President of the whole people; for a party President disfranchises the opposite party. Have a President who will maintain every man in his rights.

I wish all of you to do all the good you can. We will try and convert the nations into one solid union. I despise the principle that divides the nation into party and faction. I want it to grow up like a green bay tree. Damn the system of splitting up the nation into opposite belligerent parties. Whatever are the rights of men guaranteed by the Constitution of these United States, let them have them. Then, if we were all in union, no one dare attempt to put a warlike foot on our soil. I don’t like to see the rights of Americans trampled down. I am opposed to the policy of all such persons as would allow Great Britain or any other power to take from us Oregon or any portion of our national territory; and damn all who attempt it. Lift up your voices like thunder: there is power and influence enough among us to put in a President. I don’t wonder at the old Carthagenian lawyer being afraid of Joseph Smith being elected.

[Page 324] [A unanimous vote was passed by the immense assembly for Joseph Smith to be the candidate for the next President.]

Address of Heber C. Kimball.

Elder Heber C. Kimball arose and said—What Brother Hyrum has told you is God’s truth, and will eventually come to pass. As he was making his observations to the Elders, it made me think of the first time that I went out into the vineyard to preach. I dwelt on one subject till it branched like unto a tree that was cultivated, until the branches shot forth in all directions. Suppose you had only one seed to plant, and that seed was an acorn, and you spend your time in cultivating it till it comes forth a great and mighty tree, branching forth with many branches, and bearing fruit abundantly after its own kind. So it is with the first principles of the Gospel, they branch out in all directions, unfolding new light continually. They are eternal principles. I never preached anything else but the first principles. When first we went to England, we preached nothing else, and never even touched on the gathering, as there was no place of gathering, the Church having been driven from Jackson County and also from Kirtland, and the Prophets, Patriarchs, Apostles and Saints were wandering in the wilderness seeking for a home; but as soon as the people were baptized and received the Holy Ghost, the most of them had the spirit of prophecy, and prophesied of coming to this land, as being the land of Zion; and the time would come that they should come here. Yet we never taught the doctrine of the gathering or Book of Doctrine and Covenants.

If you tell the people to stay, they will gather here stronger than ever. If you want to cut anything off, you should know how to restore. You should never cut off the ears of the people until you are able to make them others. It is no matter what way you convert them so you do convert them to believe the doctrines of the very Bible they have always professed to believe. It is no use attempting to teach them other things until you can make them believe the principles contained in the Bible which they have been taught to reverence and believe from their infancy. It teaches the gathering and all the principles of the Gospel necessary to be taught to the unbelieving world. This is the thrashingfloor, where the wheat is gathered to be thrashed. There are a great many green heads, and they of course have to be pelted a little harder. After the wheat is thrashed, it has to go through the fanning-mill, and then the screen, and then the smut-mill; then it has to be ground and to be bolted: but many bolt away and leave. If you get a cudgeling, don’t be mad, for your heads are green. We are going to arrange a plan for Conferences, and we design to send Elders to all the different States to get up meetings and protracted meetings, and electioneer for Joseph to be the next President.

[Page 325]

A great many of the Elders will necessarily have to leave their families, and the mothers will have to assume the responsibility of governing and taking care of the children to a much greater extent than when their husbands were at home. I therefore exhort them to be humble, faithful, and diligent, seeking to the Lord for wisdom to rear up their children in righteousness and prepare them to roll on the work of the Lord when their fathers shall have been worn out in the ministry. The mothers, therefore, are the persons who will more or less have to train the children.

Twenty minutes to 11: A call was made for the volunteers to go preaching to pass out to the green. A great company moved out and returned to the right of the stand, and were numbered 244.

Twenty minutes to 1: Adjourned for one hour.

Met according to adjournment. The names of the volunteers were called, and places assigned to each.

Brigham Young’s Instruction to the Elders.

President Brigham Young said: Take care of yourselves, be wise, be humble, and you will prosper. I curse all who degrade themselves with corruption and licentiousness, as many have done. Magnify your calling, keep yourselves pure and innocent, and your path shall be clear as the horizon. We have all manner of prejudices to contend with. We thank God for the Gospel, the Book of Mormon, and the Temple, and sing glory to God; and yet there are characters among us who from mere covetousness will squeeze a sixpence two inches long, and we have all their iniquity to bear.

We have the honor to be the first fruits of this dispensation, and have to contend with floods of oppression. Go humbly and prayerfully, trusting and believing in God, and what you desire to do you will accomplish. Cease not to ask the Father what you shall do, and He will give you the Spirit. You know not the day of your visitation. What is asked for in the name of Jesus Christ will be granted. J. C. Bennett’s power fell like the lightning. God was asked not to let Joe Duncan be governor, and it was so. We asked the Lord to deliver us from Governor Reynolds, of Missouri; and he shot himself, and has gone to hell. As for Squire Warren, of Quincy, it takes two of him to make a shadow.

[Page 326]

The Lord is cutting off the bitterest branches. Look at the explosion of the big gun on board of the Princeton war-steamer at Washington. God will deliver His faithful Saints. You will be innocent, and do a good work: you will come back, and bring your sheaves with you, rejoicing. Every man has the privilege of practicing godliness and virtue, and of manifesting himself as a servant of the Most High God. Doctor Foster lost his money by gambling, and joined blacklegs. Those men who say there is evil in the Church are evil themselves. This doctrine is the best for any man to practice, and will do him good. Ask of God that you may have wisdom to do all things. If you hear anything of an Elder preaching false doctrine, ask of God in full faith that it may be taken off the minds of the people.

A contribution was taken up for President Joseph Smith, $100 was raised, and another $100 loaned.

Comment of President Smith on the Conference

Tuesday, April 9th, [Continued]:—The weather has been beautiful for the conference; and they have been the greatest, best, and most glorious five consecutive days ever enjoyed by this generation. Much good was done. Many spectators were present from Quincy, Alton, Warsaw, Fort Madison, and other towns. When we consider the immense number present, and the good order that was preserved, it speaks much in favor of the morality of the city.

In the afternoon I rode out with Emma, Dr. Goforth, and others to the mound. The peach trees look beautiful.

The Mayor and Marshal received a notification to produce docket and other papers in case of O. F. Bostwick, before the circuit court at Carthage; also a similar notification to produce papers in case of Amos Davis, appealed before Circuit Court.

A General Conference in England Beginning April 6th, and Continuing Until April 9th, 1844.

According to previous announcement, the general conference of the various branches of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commenced its sittings in the Music Hall, Liverpool, on the 6th of April, 1844, Elder Reuben Hedlock, president of the mission, presiding, and Elder J. S. Cantwell, acting as clerk.

[Page 327]

Morning Session.

After opening meeting by singing and prayer, it was voted unanimously that Elder Reuben Hedlock preside over the conference and that Elder J. S. Cantwell, act as clerk.

The number of officers present at the opening are as follows:—High Priests, 10; Elders, 23; Priests, 5; Teachers, 3; Deacons, 2. The representation of the various conferences was then called for:—

Manchester Conference represented by Elder Charles Miller, including the branches of Manchester, Stockport, Ashton, Duckenfield, Newton Moor, Mottram, Bolton, Edgeworth Moor, Edgerton, Leith, Chewmoor, Breightmet Fold, Bradshaw, Tottington, Summerseat, Bury, Haslingden, Royton, Oldham, Rochdale, Eccles, Pendlebury, Heatons, Ratcliffe, Halfare, Crossmoor, Didsbury, Middleton, Crompton Fold, Marble Bridge, Ashworth Tops, Vale House. Comprises 1583 members, 2 High Priests, 41 Elders, 100 Priests, 56 Teachers, 19 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 194.

Liverpool Conference represented by Elder Mitchelson, including Liverpool, the Isle of Man, Chester, part of Wales, Warrington, St. Helens, and Graseby. Comprises 596 members, 3 High Priests, 29 Elders, 39 Priests, 19 Teachers, 11 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 107.

Preston Conference represented by Elder John Banks, including Preston, Lancaster, Kendal, Brigsteer Holme, Heskin, Hunter’s Hill. Euxton, Leyland, Southport, and Longton. Comprises 594 members, 1 High Priest, 16 Elders, 23 Priests, 17 Teachers, 4 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 21.

London Conference represented by Elder John Cairns, including London, Newbury, Woolwich, Dover, and Luton. Comprises 324 members, 1 High Priest, 11 Elders, 21 Priests, 5 Teachers, 5 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 47.

Macclesfield Conference represented by Elder Galley, including Macclesfield, Bollington, Middlewich, Northwich, Plumbley, and Crewe. Comprises 219 members, 1 High Priest, 10 Elders, 22 Priests, 14 Teachers, 7 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 15.

Birmingham Conference represented by Elder Crook, including Birmingham, Gritsgreen, Oldbury, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Brittlelane, Bilston, Kidderminster, Leamington, Bloxwich, Stratford-upon-Avon, Catthorpe, Westbromwich, Penydarren, Abersychan, Beaufort, Rumny, Tredegar, Merthyr Tydvil, Aberdare. Comprises 707 members, 38 Elders, 49 Priests, 27 Teachers, 12 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 200.

[Page 328]

Wooden Box represented by Elder Robert Crook, including Wooden Box, Dunstall, Branstone, Barton, and Colebille. Comprises 96 members, 9 Elders, 10 Priests, 6 Teachers, 5 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 60.

Staffordshire Conference represented by Elder George Simpson, including Burslem, Hanley, Stoke-upon-Trent, Newcastle, Baddely Edge, Bradley Green, Knutton Heath, Longton, Coxbank, Prees, Tunstall, Leek, Longport, Hassell Green, Allsager’s Bank. Comprises 370 members, 1 High Priest, 29 Elders, 48 Priests, 20 Teachers, 11 Deacons.

Edinburgh Conference represented by Elder George P. Waugh, including Edinburgh, Wemyss, Sterling, and Pathead. Comprises 330 members, 11 Elders, 16 Priests, 7 Teachers, 3 Deacons. Baptized since November, 1843, 37.

Garaway Conference represented by Elder Blakey, including Garaway, Llanfoist, Buckle, Ewaisharold, Llanthony, and Llanvano. Comprises 172 members, 4 Elders, 9 Priests, 8 Teachers, 1 Deacon.

Glasgow Conference represented by Elder James Houston, including Glasgow, Paisley, Kilbirnie, Bridge of Weir, Thorny Bank and Shaws, Campsie, Renfrew, Greenock, Ayr, Bonhill, Balfrone, Johnstone, Airdrie, Irvine, and Calry. Comprises 833 members, 1 High Priest, 26 Elders, 39 Priests, 30 Teachers, 19 Deacons.

Sheffield Conference represented by letter, including Sheffield, Woodhouse, Dennington, and Brampton. Comprises 201 members, 5 Elders, 9 Priests, 5 Teachers, 3 Deacons.

Bradford Conference represented by Elder William Speakman, including Bradford, Idle, Leeds, Doncaster. Comprises 206 members, 9 Elders, 15 Priests, 8 Teachers, 6 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 44.

Ireland represented by Elder Sloan, including Hillsborough, Crawfordsburn, and Melusk, Comprises 52 members, 5 Elders, 1 Priest, 1 Teacher.

Lincolnshire Conference represented by letter. Comprises 27 members, 2 Elders, 2 Priests, 1 Teacher, 1 Deacon. Baptized since last general conference, 17.

Worcestershire Conference represented by Elder Thomas Smith, including Earls Common, Pinvin, Flyford Flavel, Worcester, Bromsgrove, Randan Woods, Barford, St. John’s, and Milton. Comprises 140 members, 6 Elders, 10 Priests, 3 Teachers, 3 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 28.

Clitheroe Conference represented by Elder William Snalam, including Clitheroe, Chatburn, Downham, Waddington, Ribchester, Chaigley, and Settle. Comprises 299 members, 16 Elders, 22 Priests, 18 Teachers, 4 Deacons. Baptized since last general conference, 14.

[Page 329]

Leicester Conference represented by Elder Thomas Margetts, including Leicester and Nottingham. Comprises 127 members, 5 Elders, 10 Priests, 1 Teacher, 2 Deacons.

Cheltenham Conference represented by letter, consisting of 18 branches. Comprises 532 members, 17 Elders, 30 Priests, 13 Teachers, 5 Deacons. Baptized since last General Conference, 90.

Bath represented by letter, comprising 31 members, 1 Elder, 2 Priests.

Wolverton represented by letter. Comprises 8 members, 1 Elder, 2 Priests.

Carlisle represented by letter. Comprises 160 members, 8 Elders, 19 Priests, 8 Teachers, 3 Deacons; and contains four branches.

Littlemoor represented by letter. Comprises 6 members, 1 Priest.

Bedfordshire Conference represented by letter, including 12 branches Comprises 184 members, 14 Elders, 20 Priests, 9 Teachers, 2 Deacons.

The number of members and authorities of each conference being ascertained as nearly as possible, it was determined that the delegates should represent the condition of each conference, and what alterations or measures were necessary to be adopted for the well being of each other.

Elder Charles Miller having remarked that he had been challenged to discussion, and had accepted it, it led to some remarks from Elder Ward as to the very little good effected in general by discussions; and that it was beneath the servants of God to turn aside from the path of duty to wrangle and dispute like the people of the world; and that while the professors of modern religion were in a manner devouring each other, the path of the Saints ought to be onward in the proclamation of the principles of truth.

Elder Hedlock agreed with the remarks of Elder Ward, and stated that they were in perfect accordance with the advice of the First Presidency, and that the evil ought to be guarded against as much as possible.

[The remaining sessions of the conference were devoted to hearing reports from the several conferences comprising the mission, giving instruction relative to ordaining men to the ministry, and the manner of conducting the ministry of the Church to make it effective. Among other items of interest was a communication from the Twelve in Nauvoo making the nomination of Elders Reuben Hedlock and Thomas Ward to preside over the British Mission, which nomination was accepted by the conference, and these brethren were unanimously sustained as the presidency of the mission. The publication of the Millennial Star had been ordered suspended by the Twelve, but the conference voted by unanimous acclamation that this conference request the quorum of the Twelve to permit the continued publication of that periodical. The minutes of the conference state that—

[Page 330]

“Elder Hedlock addressed the assembly on the subject of the publications, and was desirous of taking the sense of that meeting on the same. It was true that the quorum of the Twelve had advised that the publication of the Millennial Star be stopped, and had given him authority to publish a circular as occasion might require; but he believed most sincerely that the stoppage of the Star would have a most injurious tendency.

“Several having spoken to the same effect, Elder Ward remarked that, if a publication was to be issued at all, it appeared trifling with the interest of the cause to change the name, inasmuch as the office had received the name of the Millennial Star Office, and many letters came to them with that address.”

[Then followed the action of the conference upon the subject noted above. Permission must have been given soon afterwards to renew the publication of the Star, since it missed but one issue, that of May, 1844.—it was then published monthly. See vols. 5 and 6.]

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1. The scripture alluded to in the text is as follows:—Moses pleaded to be excused from the appointment to deliver Israel on the plea that he was not eloquent; whereupon the Lord said: “Is not Aaron the Levite thy brother? I know that he can speak well. And also, behold, he cometh forth to meet thee; and when he seeth thee, he will be glad in his heart. And thou shalt speak unto him, and put in his mouth; * * * And he shall be the spokesman unto the people: * * * * he shall be to thee instead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him instead of God” (Exodus 4:14-16).

Somewhat later this passage occurs: “And the Lord said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh; and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet” (Exodus 7:1).