Yet to Be Revealed: Open Questions in Latter-day Saint Theology
An important part of discipleship is knowing what questions to ask—and which ones have not yet been adequately answered. From the beginning to recent times, prophets have reminded the Saints that the Restoration is ongoing, not an event. Our purpose in assembling this collection of essays is simple: we wish to celebrate the miracle of continuing revelation, and the promise of more to come, that God will “yet reveal many great and important things.” This means that the essays selected for inclusion represent only a few of the hundreds of possible subjects. Ours is an effort to clarify some of the hazy borders of orthodoxy and to honor the dynamism, the richness, and the possibilities of a Restoration still very much in process of unfolding. Joseph Smith taught, “By proving contraries truth is manifest.” A fuller understanding of truth can come by keeping multiple perspectives in mind and letting them work themselves out in patience and God’s own time, like fruitful leaven.   Topics include:
  • What is the nature of God’s progress?
  • Where did Book of Mormon events take place?
  • What is women’s relationship to priesthood?
  • Is God subject to or the creator of eternal law?
  • Will things get better or worse before the Second Coming?
  • Was Jesus married?
  • Is the Song of Solomon scripture?
  • How was the Book of Mormon translated?
“We as Latter-day Saints have too often felt sure about things the prophets haven’t actually decided, and about things God seems to have left open for us to reflect on humbly. This breathtakingly honest collection of essays does excellent work to make clear just how much we in fact don’t know. That there’s so much to learn is wonderful news, however. We’ll have to bring all of our minds, and not just all of our hearts, to the task of being earnest disciples.”

—Joseph Spencer, author of 1st Nephi: A Brief Theological Introduction

  “This much-needed engagement with . . . interesting theological questions is long overdue.”

—Blake T. Ostler, Esq., author of the four-volume Exploring Mormon Thought book series on Latter-day Saint theology

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