A Call to Russia: Glimpses of Missionary Life

Hopeful and heartbreaking, sobering and exultant. A Call to Russia captures missionary life as experienced by a mission president, his wife and daughter, and the sisters and elders who served under him. But above all, this book is…

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A Trial Furnace: Southern Utah’s Iron Mission

“Iron we need and iron we must have”—so said Brigham Young in 1855. Utah’s pioneers depended on it for survival. Necessities, such as nails, stoves, plows and sawmill bearings, required iron, which had to be shipped from St. Louis at … Continued

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An Advocate for Women: The Public Life of Emmeline B. Wells, 1870–1920

In her fifty years as a public figure, Emmeline B. Wells edited the Woman’s Exponent, represented Latter-day Saint women in national women’s organizations, courageously defended her religion in the halls of Congress, and helped mitigate anti-Mormon sentiments, all before becoming … Continued

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Mormon Americana: A Guide to Sources and Collections in the United States

This long awaited book is the first to provide a comprehensive guide to all major repositories in the United States containing sources on the LDS Church and the Mormon experience. Edited by David J. Whittaker, Senior Librarian and Curator of … Continued

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New Scholarship on Latter-day Saint Women in the Twentieth Century

New Scholarship on Latter-day Saint Women in the Twentieth Century opens dialogue on women’s past experiences and analyzes developments for Mormon women from the Progressive Era through civil rights reforms to the emerging women’s movement. This volume of proceedings covers … Continued

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The Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family: A Family Process Analysis of a Nineteenth-Century Household

Mormonism began with a single family–the family of Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith. just how did this family operate, and what characteristics did they exemplify? Although much has been written about this family, little has been produced with the … Continued

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The Legal Cases in the Book of Mormon

The close readings in this book bring many new details to light, making the legal cases in the Book of Mormon clear to ordinary readers, convincing to attorneys, and respectable to scholars of all types, whether Latter-day Saints or not. … Continued

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