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Volume 1:2 and 2:1 (Autumn 1959-Winter 1960)



BYU Studies Issue 1. 2 and 2.1 contains a wide range of articles from varying disciplines.

Hyrum L. Andrus looks at the foundations of Mormonism in historical context and determines that America’s Second Revolution planted cultural, religious, and socio-economic seeds that would later allow Mormonism to spread.

In another look at LDS history, Edward Eugene Campbell explores the Mormon gold mining mission of 1849. Using original journal entries, Campbell follows the path that led to California gold and the eventual establishment of a mission in Hawaii.

This issue also contains a defense of modernity in art, written by Gerrit De Jong, Jr.; a look at the folkloric elements of Mormon culture by Austin E. Fife; Vasco M. Tanner’s discussion of Charles Darwin’s contributions one hundred years after the publication of The Origin of the Species; and Louis C. Midgley’s thoughts on the themes of God and immortality in the writing of Dostoyevsky.