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Volume 18:1 (Fall 1977)


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Jeffrey R. Holland emphasizes that Mormons should embrace light and truth no matter where it may come from, in an address given when he was commissioner of education for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Two articles analyzing the United Order in light of its eternal purposes and tracing the development of the various welfare programs that follow its decline are included, as well as a pair of literary articles. One discusses Mormon novelist Vardis Fisher, whose prize-winning “Children of God” formed the basis for Darryl Zanuck’s famous “Brigham Young” film of 1940, and one presents an overview of the Mormon regional literature and novelists of the 1940s. Of historical interest are articles on the founding of the Samoan Mission, the life of George D. Watt, and documents that compare Mormon history with recent Jewish history, letters of President Heber J. Grant, and Thomas L. Kane’s first impression of the Mormon people on the plains of Iowa.