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Volume 27:2 (Spring 1987)


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This special issue of¬†BYU Studies¬†focuses on the history of the LDS Church in Great Britain, specifically English-speaking areas outside of England proper. Marion D. Hanks’s address on his own ties with Britain. Derek Cuthbert describes Church growth from 1937 to 1987. Frederick Buchanan outlines conversion rates in Scotland from 1840 to 1900. Ronald Dennis tells of the three-year battle in Wales between Mormon missionary Dan Jones and Baptist W. R. Davies. Marjorie Newton outlines the gathering of Australian converts in the 1850s. Eugene England examines the written messages of the LDS Apostles in Britain. Bruce Van Orden writes on the decline in new converts in Britain after 1870. Madison Thomas writes on the difficulties of missionary work in southwest England in the 1980s. Tim Heaton, Stan Albrecht, and Randal Johnson report statistics on British converts from 1837 to the 1980s.