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Volume 29:4 (Fall 1989)


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This issue of¬†BYU Studies¬†centers on the early Utah period of Mormon history, 1847-1877. The events surrounding the Mormons’ application for U.S. statehood is discussed by Peter Crawley. Mormon relations with Native Americans is discussed by Ronald Walker. Leo Lyman gives insight into the Mormon settlement at San Bernardino, California, paying particular attention to that settlement as an outpost of dissent during the period. Richard Poll writes about the Utah War, James Buchanan’s sending of troops to Utah in 1857, specifically the effects of the “Move South.” David Whittaker looks at the Mormon press, specifically the almanacs produced by Mormons from 1844 to 1864. This issue also contains poetry, book reviews, a letter to the editor, and an index of volume 29.