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Volume 33:4 (1993)


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Emmeline B. Wells, noted Mormon author and women’s leader of the 19th century, overcame antipolygamy sentiment in the National Council of Women and achieved international notice as a leader of women’s causes and then enjoyed the best of London society. Carol Cornwall Madsen details Well’s accomplishments in “‘The Power of Combination’: Emmeline B. Wells and the National and International Councils of Women.”

In 1990, Dr. Gary L. Browning opened the first mission in Russia for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Russia had been firmly in the throes of the Russian Orthodox Church for a millenium and was tightly woven into the cultural, political and educational lives of the people. Browning’s shares experiences from his time in Russia in “Out of Obscurity: The Emergence of The Church of Jeus Christ of Latter-day Saints in ‘That Vast Empire’ of Russia.”

James B. Allen unfolds new facts that tell the full history of B. H. Robert’s 1927-28 doctrinal treatise in “The Story of The Truth, The Way, The Life”. Allen illuminates how Robert’s and Church authorities labored responsibly to resolve some difficult issues.