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Volume 36:1 (1996-97)


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Eliza R. Snow’s “O My Father” is one of the most beloved LDS hymns. Its influence and significance is the focus of the this issue of BYU Studies. Michael Hicks looks at “O My Father” from a musical perspective, tracing the music that has been used for Snow’s poem. Dawn Pheysey looks at John Hafen’s illustrations of “O My Father,” visual depictions of the truths expressed in this poem. Lastly, Jill Mulvay Derr takes a historical look at how “O My Father” affected Eliza R. Snow’s personal life. John W. Welch and James V. Garrison use the concepts presented in “O My Father” to introduce an ancient Christian text called “Hymn of the Pearl.” Jacob Neusner presents a study on the corporeal nature of God by combining LDS theology with passages from the Torah.

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