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Volume 50:4 (2011) Print


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This issue features a broad variety of articles and reviews, beginning with Robert L. Millet’s comparison of the teachings of Joseph Smith with those of John Calvin, highlighting striking differences between the religious traditions these men helped establish. Van C. Gessel explores some of the challenges involved in translating Christian doctrine and, particularly, LDS vocabulary into Japanese, a traditionally non-Christian language. In a related article, Joseph E. Richardson examines both the uses of metaphor and the difficulties of translating metaphor in cross-cultural communication. Recognizing that what we do not know in any field exceeds what we do know, Duane Boyce uses examples from both scriptural and scholarly pursuits to illustrate the need for humility in all our learning. David L. Clark and Bart J. Kowallis bring to light the story of a small LDS branch that formed in a World War II Japanese POW camp in the Philippines. Most of the members of this branch died tragically when a U.S. submarine sank their unmarked transport ship. Finally, a panel of four experts from different branches of study review Terryl L. Givens’s expansive new book When Souls Had Wings: Pre-mortal Existence in Western Thought.

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