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Volume 57:3 (2018) Print


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<p>This issue begins with a farewell from John W. Welch, who has served as Editor in Chief for twenty-seven years. He expresses thanks for all who have made BYU Studies Quarterly possible and hopes for blessings as they seek good things in life. Tyler Johnson encourages readers to be aware of how technology influences our lives, interfering with our relationships, our learning process, and our service to others. Noel Reynolds explores how the Lord’s covenants with Abraham were understood by Nephite prophets, identifying three iterations of these covenantal blessings. Royal Skousen, who has published the earliest manuscripts of the Book of Mormon, explains that much of that original language has phrases in common with Early Modern English and what that means to modern readers. John W. Welch presents letters written by Joseph Smith four days before he died, shedding light on the Prophet’s thoughts and actions at a pivotal moment. Susan Easton Black and Larry Porter share a chapter from their new biography of Martin Harris; the chapter tells the history of Martin’s move to Utah and return to the Church late in life.</p>

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