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Volume 59:1 (2020) Print


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This issue presents a variety of topics. Daniel K Judd and W. Justin Dyer studied 635 BYU students to study grace, legalism, perfectionism, well-being, and shame. Jeremy Talmage discusses how Joseph Smith’s insistence that he actually saw deity diverged from the way to describe visions that was acceptable to his Protestant friends. John Hilton III, Emily K. Hyde, and McKenna Grace Trussel present data showing that leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints discuss Jesus’ atonement as taking place at the cross of Calvary more than in the Garden of Gethsemane. Royal Skousen gives us insight into his Critical Text of the Book of Mormon, looking specifically at the King James quotations in the Book of Mormon and the spelling by the scribes and in the published editions. Dean M. Busby and David C. Dollahite investigate data to see whether Latter-day Saints have different correspondences between relationship quality and religiosity than those of other faiths. J. Gordon Daines III surveys the history of BYU’s emphasis on both religious devotion and academic excellence and then focuses on the leadership of Howard S. McDonald. Gregory Seppi used the journals of James E. Talmage to examine Talmage’s involvement in Utah mining from the 1890s to 1911.  A personal essay, poetry, five book reviews, and two short book notices complete this issue.

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