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In this issue, Amy Easton-Flake examines how Latter-day Saints interpreted the Bible in the late nineteenth century through the lens of two publications: the Millennial Star and the Woman’s Exponent. Benjamin E. Park then delves into the Danite Constitution, an attempt by Latter-day Saints to stake their political right to not be forcibly removed from their lands while also justifying their liberty to define the boundaries of their own community. Michael Hubbard MacKay makes the case that the restoration should be seen as a process rather than an event. Nicholas J. Frederick and Joseph M. Spencer take a fresh look at the cause of the “Great Apostasy” as taught in 1 Nephi 11–14, focusing on how Christians understand their relationship to the covenants given to Israel. Hinckley A. Jones-Sanpei explores the ethics of care, which emphasizes the interrelational aspects of human nature. Deidre Nicole Green proposes that through the intentional and creative uses of agency in the forgiveness process, we can facilitate transformation within ourselves and others. Luke Drake unpacks what the Book of Mormon teaches us about disinformation, racism, and tribalism.


In his humorous and poignant essay, Billy Wilson reflects on his experiences with his father, a contract killer, and his stepfather, a bank robber and how his perspective shifted. In another essay, Thea Jo Buell shares how a packet of balloons helped soften hearts in Guatemala.

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