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Journal: 3:2

The anti-Catholic movement of the 1850s shares common features with the anti-Masonic movement of the 1830s and the anti-Mormon movement of the 1870s and 1880s.

Journal: 7:3-4

Increasing interest in public policy decisions is revealed in both the dramatic behavior of citizens’ interest groups and the proliferation of journal articles and books on public issues and the policy process. On the one hand are mounting citizen awareness and involvement in the process and, on the other, are efforts of social scientists to analyze and describe more effectively the realities of issues and...

Journal: 4:2

What should be the attitude of Latter-day Saints toward the Constitution in 1962? Bernhard suggests two possibilities. One can insist that the Constitution must be interpreted exactly as it was interpreted in 1789 (though most Latter-day Saints who take this view seem more enamored with the Social Darwinist interpretations of 1889) and refuse to face any social problem which was not existent and being faced in George...

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