John Hyde, Junior—An Earlier View

The Historians Corner
Journal: 16:2
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John Hyde, Jr., is familiar to most students of Mormon history as one of the most famous apostate writers of the early Utah period. Having joined the Church in England, he spent a short time on a mission to France and the Channel Islands. After migrating to Utah, he was called on a mission to the Sandwich Islands during the Conference of April 1856 and set out on his journey. On the way, he decided to renounce Mormonism and to work against the Church in the Islands and in California. He was the author of an anti-Mormon book in which he reports that he was excommunicated by motion of Heber C. Kimball in Salt Lake City on 11 January 1857.1 Hyde’s career in opposition to the Church is well known, but his activities of an earlier date, while still a member, are less known, as is the fact that he had been in severe difficulties with the Church even before going to Utah. It is with this earlier period that the author shall deal here.