Volume 46:2 (2007)

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BYU Studies volume 46, number 2, is a special issue on Mormons and film. "A History of Mormon Cinema," a major article by Randy Astle and Gideon Burton, tells the history of Mormon interaction with film from 1905 to 2007. They discuss portrayals of Mormons in film (both positive and negative), Mormons in the film industry, the use of film by the institutional Church, and independent Mormon films. They situate hundreds of Mormon films in five identifiable eras, or "waves." James d'Arc examines portrayals of Mormons as vampires, specifically in Trapped by the Mormons. Terryl Givens explores paradoxes in Mormon culture and film in particular: searching and certainty, the collapsing of sacred distance, and Zion as both paradise and exile. Sharon Swenson shows how movies are not simply entertainment, but affect human relationships and interior life. Travis Anderson shows how avoiding evil in film and art is not enough, but seeking after godly in the arts can teach and inspire us. Eric Samuelsen explores the financial side of filmmaking. Gideon Burton gives context to Dean Duncan's manifesto for "Fit for the Kingdom," short documentary Mormon films made for the Internet. Thomas Lefler and Gideon Burton describe the various goals in filmmaking and use Legacy as a case study. The issue ends with reviews of three Mormon documentaries and the 2007 LDS film festival.

Table of Contents - Volume 46:2 (2007)

Title Author Pages
Establishing Shot: The Scope of Mormon Cinema Gideon O. Burton 4
A History of Mormon Cinema Randy Astle, Gideon O. Burton 12
A History of Mormon Cinema: First Wave Randy Astle, Gideon O. Burton 22
A History of Mormon Cinema: Second Wave Randy Astle, Gideon O. Burton 44
A History of Mormon Cinema: Third Wave Randy Astle, Gideon O. Burton 76
A History of Mormon Cinema: Fourth Wave Randy Astle, Gideon O. Burton 96
A History of Mormon Cinema: Fifth Wave Randy Astle, Gideon O. Burton 126
The Mormon as Vampire: A Comparative Study of Winifred Graham's The Love Story of a Mormon, the Film Trapped by the Mormons, and Bram Stoker's Dracula James V. D'Arc 164
"There Is Room for Both": Mormon Cinema and the Paradoxes of Mormon Culture Terryl L. Givens 188
Finding an Audience, Paying the Bills: Competing Business Models in Mormon Cinema Eric Samuelsen 209
Seeking after the Good in Art, Drama, Film, and Literature Travis T. Anderson 231
Active Spectatorship: Spiritual Dimensions of Film Sharon Swenson 247
Toward a Mormon Cinematic Aesthetic: Film Styles in Legacy Thomas J. Lefler, Gideon O. Burton 274

Title Author Pages
A Manifesto for "Fit for the Kingdom": Dean Duncan's Proposal for a Mormon Documentary Series Gideon O. Burton 267

Film Review
Title Author Pages
The Mormons, produced by Helen Whitney Helen Whitney, Brian Q. Cannon, Mario S. De Pillis, Richard E. Bennett 305
New York Doll, directed by Greg Whitely Greg Whiteley, Nathan Richardson 321
Angie, produced by the Tom Russell Family Tom Russell, Randy Astle 324
The Sixth Annual LDS Film Festival, January 17-20, 2007 Candy Eash 331