T. Edgar Lyon: A Teacher in Zion (hardcover)

Categories: Biography
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  • ISBN:         978-0-8425-2499-5
  • Publisher:  BYU Press
  • Year:         2002
  • Pages:       346
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  • Cover:       Softcover

A teacher at the Salt Lake Institute of Religion for three decades, T. Edgar Lyon regularly drew more students than could squeeze into his classroom. Lyon's gift as a vivid storyteller made Church history "come alive."

Dr. Lyon, eyes twinkling, would ask: "Why did Brigham Young choose oxen over horses or mules to move wagons westward?" "Better gas mileage," Lyon beamed: "They could survive on poor grass without supplemental grain, and they ate less in comparison to the weight they pulled." Lyon always affirmed, "The testimony is in the details."

Lyon's rich biography, revealed through an engaging narrative, explores his

  • mission and mission presidency in the Netherlands,
  • University of Chicago study under renowned biblical scholars,
  • contributions to seminary and institute programs during the Church
  • Educational System's formative years, and
  • work with the Nauvoo Restoration project.

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