James Joyce at 71, Rue Du Cardinal Lemoine

Journal: 3:3-4
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In this article, Hall discusses the life events of James Joyce during the summer of 1920. Ezra Pound convinced Joyce to move back to Paris in order to complete his writings. During this time period, Joyce worked tirelessly on his Ulysses. It was while Joyce lived there that he began experiencing "eye attacks" and other health difficulties, which made completing his work much more challenging. He had to slow his progress in order to continue writing without damaging his health further. Hall discusses how this period of time was where Joyce was able to finish most of Ulysses because Joyce wrote in a letter after moving to another residence that he would be finished with his huge labor in three weeks' time. Thus, the summer of 1920 that Joyce spent at 71, Rue Du Cardinal Lemoine was a significant part of the compositional history of Ulysses.