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John Welch

John W. Welch—Editor in Chief

John W. Welch was educated at Brigham Young University (B.A. history 1970; M.A. Latin and Greek 1970), studied Greek philosophy at Oxford University (St. Edmund Hall 1970-72) and law at Duke University (J.D. 1975). He is the Robert K. Thomas Professor of Law at the BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School, where he teaches tax classes and also courses on law in the ancient Near East, the Old and New Testaments, and the Book of Mormon, and a seminar on Joseph Smith and the law. He is the author of many books and articles, and his editing experiences include: articles editor of the Duke Law Journal(1974-75), series editor and editor of several volumes in the Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, one of the editors of Macmillan's Encyclopedia of Mormonism (1988-92), and editor of BYU Studies since 1991. Founder of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (in 1979) and Director of Special Projects in the BYU Religious Studies Center (1986-88), he has been involved in numerous research projects dealing with LDS scripture, history, culture, and thought, including chiasmus in the Book of Mormon and volumes on Isaiah, King Benjamin's speech, Lehi's Jerusalem, the parable of the Good Samaritan, and the Sermon on the Mount. He is a contributing scholar for the Joseph Smith Papers project. He has served twice as a bishop and also as a counselor in the BYU 14th Stake presidency. He is married to Jeannie Sutton; they have four children and thirteen grandchildren.
Roger Terry

Roger Terry—Editorial Director

Roger joined the BYU Studies team in June 2006 after serving seven years as a senior editor at the Ensign and the Liahona. Prior to that, he was (as his wife likes to put it) self-unemployed—running his own business, the funcompany, but not making much money. In a former life, he taught for nine years at BYU's Marriott School of Management and edited the school's alumni magazine. Roger earned a BA in German and an MBA, both from BYU. He likes to write in his spare time, which has resulted in five books, numerous articles and essays, a newspaper editorial or two, and even a few pieces of short fiction. He is married to Sheri Peterson, and they have four children, two currently studying at BYU, two graduated from BYU. They also have two grandchildren. Roger enjoys playing basketball (at an ever-slower pace), reading everything from cosmology to economics, watching way too many athletic events, working in the yard, avoiding Facebook, taking family vacations, and eating chocolate (for health reasons, of course).

Alison Palmer—Senior Editor

Alison is originally from Cookeville, Tennessee, and moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, where she graduated with a BA in English and a minor in editing. She later received an MA in rhetoric and composition from the University of Utah and completed training at the Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents. For the last seven years, she has worked as an editor for the Joseph Smith Papers and Church Historian's Press. Prior to that, she worked as a marketing writer and completed editorial internships with Covenant Communications and the Church's Publication Services Department.

Alison enjoys working on side editing projects in her spare time and currently serves as the copy and production editor for Mormon Historical Studies. When she's not editing, she enjoys everything from rock climbing and running to knitting and attending jazz concerts.

Jennifer Hurlbut

Jennifer Hurlbut—Senior Editor

Jennifer Hurlbut is a senior editor and works with the BYU Studies Church History editorial board. She received a B.A. in international relations from BYU. She has been on the staff of BYU Studies since 1994. She is grateful for the training she received from Doris Dant, Nancy Lund, and Angela Ashurst-McGee, all formerly part of BYU Studies staff. She is married to Jesse Hurlbut; they are the parents of four children. Before settling in Utah, they lived in France, California, Indiana, and Kentucky. As managing editor, she copyedits articles, handles article submissions, and handles permissions of graphics used in BYU Studies. She appreciates working on the wide variety of articles that BYU Studies publishes and working with scholars in many fields. 
Annette Samuelsen

Annette Samuelsen—Publications Coordinator

Annette Samuelsen is the publications coordinator and office manager for BYU Studies. She started part-time at BYU Studies in 1995 by managing subscriptions and finances. She still enjoys supervising subscription and customer service matters, but also handles the logistics of manuscript submission, oversees the annual contests, and deals with office financial affairs. Annette especially likes meeting long-time subscribers at the outlet store held annually during Education Week. She and her husband, Eric—a former professor of Theatre & Media Arts at BYU—reside in Provo.
Marny Parkin

Marny Parkin—Production Editor

Marny K. Parkin is the production editor for BYU Studies. She began at BYU Studies as an undergraduate intern and has been on the staff off and on (with breaks for babies) ever since. Marny has extended her experience with BYU Studies into a freelance book design business, a bibliography project for fun, and a side job teaching Computers and Print Publishing. She received her bachelor's degree in math education and enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy and collecting Oriental dragons. She and her husband, Scott, live in Santaquin with their six children.

Derek Gurr—Website Manager

Derek Gurr began working at BYU Studies in 2018 as website manager. He is thrilled to be part of an organization where he can learn about the latest scholarly papers on LDS history and doctrine during staff meeting. He graduated from BYU in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in communications with a public relations emphasis. When he’s not at work, he’s generally with his beautiful wife, Jenni and his three adorable kids. Derek enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy as well as running. He eats way too much cheddar cheese and probably should cut back on the chocolate milk too. Derek and his family live in American Fork.

Advisory Board:

     Alan L. Wilkins (chair), James P. Bell, Donna Lee Bowen, Douglas M. Chabries, R. Kelly Haws, Robert L. Millet, and Noel B. Reynolds

Academic Editors:

     Church History Board:

     Richard Bennett (chair), Brian Q. Cannon, Kathryn Daynes, Gerrit J. Dirkmaat, Steven C. Harper, and Frederick G. Williams

     Liberal Arts and Science Board:

     Barry R. Bickmore (co-chair), Eric Eliason (co-chair), David C. Dollahite, Susan Howe, Neal Kramer, and Steven C. Walker

     Reviews Board:

     Eric Eliason (co-chair), John M. Murphy (co-chair), Trevor Alvord, Herman du Toit, Angela Hallstrom, Greg Hansen, Emily Jensen, Gerrit van Dyk


     Casualene Meyer (poetry editor), Thomas R. Wells (photography editor), and Ashlee Whitaker (cover art editor)