Doctrinal Commentary on the Pearl of Great Price


Hyrum L. Andrus himself says, “It requires experience for man to comprehend any given state of existence.”1 This is certainly true. To comprehend some of the facets and functions of many institutions of heaven and earth with which his commentary deals, one would need a background of a broad variety of experience, spiritually and intellectually. Dr. Andrus has done well with all resources and experience at his command; but if a reader finds himself feeling less experienced in things paradisiacal and celestial, he may, like this reviewer, have to return and reread some of the more esoteric portions. Careful study will reward the conscientious reader, however, and no one should abandon any difficult chapter or section after only one or two attempts to understand all that is in it.

The book needs a broader title if it is to be descriptive of the content; this book is something more than a “doctrinal commentary on the Pearl of Great Price.” Of course it could hardly be entitled “Elucidations upon a Series of Related Theological Themes Selected as Major Religio-Philosophical Contributions of the Pearl of Great Price, with Complementary Concepts from Related Prophetic Sources”! But that would somewhat roundly describe it.

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