Winged Words

A Portfolio of Paintings and Drawings



Here are fourteen works by James C. Christensen, including Sisters, Benediction, La Duquesa, Annunciation, and several drawings, sketches, and handwritten notes. An introduction by Charlene R. Winters points out things to note in Sisters: one woman’s clothing indicates comfort and riches, while the other woman is clad in coarse and worn material. Their faces are identical, but are they in fact sisters?  Christensen worked as an illustrator, but his work transcends illustration. “When I began taking fantasy work seriously, I used it primarily as illustration,” he says. “I painted the pictures in my mind that grew as I read people’s books. These paintings communicated everything immediately—usually a necessity in the commercial book market. Now, however, the ‘fantasies’ are my own and my choices are more symbolic. I’m using metaphors and fantasy parables to tell stories that will teach, inform, enlighten, and even amuse.”


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