Joseph and Emma

A Slide-Film Presentation



Mormon producer Buddy Youngreen created “Joseph and Emma: A Slide-Film Presentation” for a reunion of the Joseph Smith Sr. family. The life of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale Smith was one filled with love and admiration of each other but also tragedy and suffering. As the first Prophet and the first “Elect Lady” of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Joseph and Emma sacrificed much to bring forth the gospel. They led the Church west to Kirtland, Ohio; Missouri; and Nauvoo, Illinois; and tried to create lives for themselves while facing constant persecution. Only a few of their children outlived Joseph and Emma, but the family name continues on. Youngreen provides photographs of Joseph, Emma, and their descendants.


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Print ISSN: 2837-0031
Online ISSN: 2837-004X