The Struggle for Peace



This is a moment of great anxiety in the history of the world. Just for this reason and because God exists and oversees the whole thing, this is a moment of great hope. Ours is an age of the possibility of great heroism, if only we attend to the problems and throw ourselves on the great possibilities. Never before was the opportunity open for so many men and women to rise to the highest pitch of heroism in every walk of life as it is today. Whether it be in science or industry, whether it be in politics or international relations, in literature or in the realms of the spirit, this is the moment to create and be. It all depends on whether you appraise the problems precisely and profoundly and whether you have it in you, constitutionally and morally, to grasp the possibilities and throw yourself wholeheartedly upon them. It all depends, in brief, on whether you are called to the heroic stature of the moment.

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