This poem won first place in the 2023 BYU Studies poetry contest.

Morning enters and splits the Hogan
and she wakes from dreams of mountains,
hungry for offerings      tall for maize
her eyes hold visions until she sees
patterns her mother taught her

She fills her loom with dream colors
     bloom of yarrow
     desert sand
     sky before snow
     eyes of her lover
She sings as she weaves
a rhythm smooth as bone
          over and under
                              over and under

The moon opens and closes his eye twice
now her blanket holds figures
of corn pollen boy and growth spirit girl
dancing jagged
     like spires and peaks
          broken layers in the mesa
               lines that channel her cheeks.

Again, she sings as she watches her grandson
his pickup      its bald tires weaving
another stripe of color on the horizon
and sends a blessing
     that he will find her blanket a good home
     that it will bring money enough
     to keep those she loves through winter
     as they sleep full and deep
     in the belly of her Hogan


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